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#2872 170th Street, West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2, Canada
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Where in the World are Robb and Elissa - 2009

Click HERE to watch our Mindbender POV Video!

We make a quick stop at Rock Bottom Restaurant for beer and wings before our next flight!

'Why do people ALWAYS have to stand RIGHT BEHIND ME when we are at restaurants?!?!'

Next we board flight #1023 bound for Edmonton, Canada!

It looks REALLY cold out there!

Yay! We have finally made it to our next stop...Galaxyland at the West Edmonton Mall!

"Hey everyone, we are just here to do a little filming and ride the AWESOME Mindbender!"

And here is our Mindbender Video -
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Offride shots, and POV - Forwards AND backwards!

Yup, they knew we were coming!

Mindbender did NOT disappoint...OMFG! The ride was totally amazing...

Hidden Mickey?

This ride is seriously Schwarzkopf at his best!

140 feet tall...inside a SHOPPING MALL!

And yes, those three loops will challenge your equilibrium!

The rest of the mall is pretty awesome too. It's like part shopping mall, part Las Vegas!

"Hey, let's get some photos inside the UK import store...that will REALLY throw them off!"

Oops...that shot looked too much like a store...need to re-take it outside!

I love her...I really, really do!

Ahh, I love Canadian McDonald's with their cute maple leaf!

Ohh, those crazy Canadians and their elephant poo!

"All public writings must be written in English and French!"

Joey had never seen snow before, so this was a culture shock for him.

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