Mindbender Galaxyland POV
NOTE!  Onride footage in this video has been shot by an experienced ride photographer. For rider safety reasons, Please DO NOT take a camera on any ride or roller coaster without proper training or permission from park management.
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Posted Date : Wed 26th Nov 2014
Posted Date : Sun 24th Feb 2013
Backwards on the mindbender is best thing ever invented It's not even scary but its soo much fun, and the flips are much More funner... :)
Posted Date : Tue 10th Aug 2010
The Backwards view made me feel like I was really on it! 5/5
Posted Date : Fri 25th Dec 2009
The Mindbender's pretty insane. I was scared to ride it for a while after that incident many years back where the car went off the track, but it's just crazy amounts of fun. It's not as rough as people expect it to be, either (although the restraints kind of killed my shoulders... that's probably just because I'm proportioned weirdly, though). I'm so glad I live in Edmonton, so I can just hop on a bus and ride for 20 minutes to WEM! TIP: If you go on a Wednesday (not during summer break, winter break, spring break, or other holidays), an all day ride pass is only fifteen bucks - that's less than half the regular price. Great video, BTW! I really want to go ride it right now... ah, well, I'll just have to wait for my Wednesday off school in January. -Robin PS - Pff, the snow, from what I can see, looks like barely any. We get winters with ridiculous amounts of snow for like seven months here, and it gets down to -40 degrees!
Posted Date : Sun 20th Dec 2009
mindbender was only the single badest indoor triple loop roller coaster on the planet i cannot believe that
Posted Date : Sun 29th Mar 2009
I would love to get a ride on this insane-looking roller coaster. I can only imagine what they were smoking when they designed this ride!
Posted Date : Thu 19th Mar 2009
Mindbender isn't rough as much as it's very turbulent. Your head gets moved quickly but it doesn't bounce your head against the restraints. It only does usually for me when I try to prevent it from doing so which usually works out to be counterintuitive. :) Great video Robb and Elissa!
Posted Date : Fri 13th Mar 2009
The coaster looks pretty rough; lots of transitions seem to give strong jerks. Glad to hear it is a good ride, though!
Posted Date : Thu 12th Mar 2009
That was the most OBSCENE bit of Coasternogrophy I've ever seen. Filthy, filthy FILTHY!. Just plain DIRTY. Outstanding job- beyond anything I've seen yet- and something I'll be enjoying QUITE a bit! Thanks for the -BEYOND FANTASTIC JOB- Robb!
Posted Date : Tue 10th Mar 2009
A great video from a freaking great coaster constructed by the ROLLERCOASTER GOD, Mr Schwarzkopf. This is only one of the very few Multiloop coasters with a small footprint that were build by Schwarzkopf. But 2 of the best rollercoasters are still in Europe/Germany, travalling the faircircuit, Olympia Looping and Alpina Bahn. But the former Laser (Double Loop) rollercoaster will start traveling the German fairs this year. I still mis the old Tripleloop and Quad-loop schawarzkopf coaster. They are now in Mexico, but I think they really belong on the German fairs.
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Some awesome shots and POV - forwards and backwards from Galaxyland's Mindbender at the West Edmonton Mall.
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