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Where in the World are Robb and Elissa - 2009

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Hey everyone! Welcome to another installment of 'Where in the World are Robb & Elissa?' Now, by the time you are reading this, the contest is already over and winners have been announced. You can read the final reveal HERE! which inclues other clues and photos we posted to trick people and the solution to how the winners found us! Anyway, read through this update and follow along with where in the world we are!

First off, we flew out of LAX, Terminal #2...

..and yeah, we brought Joey with us along for this adventure.

We'll need a little bit of funny looking money for where we're going.

Yup, we are on the plane. The real sleuths figured out our airline based on the upholstery color! (Now that is people with less to do than US!)

We land at MSP, thankfully close to the McDonalds!

We have about 3 hours before we catch our next flight, so lets put everything in this locker...why?

We're doing a credit whore run to Nick Universe!

Wow, check out them pineapples...

"Do you think people may think those markings on the pineapple will look like a Swiss flag?"

"Only REALLY dumb people!"

First up! Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge (at least that's what the sign says!)

This Gerstlauer Eurofighter coaster was really good! Very smooth, and very quiet!

The new make over of the park looks FANTASTIC, and we don't just mean the Intamin coaster smack in the middle!

Intamin never seems to disappoint.

"Yes, it's true...my seat is all wet!"

Go ahead...touch the Intamin track...TOUCH IT!!! You know you want to! (and if you want to, send an email to Dan touching the Intamin track...you won't get anything for it, but he LOVES to get emails from you) mrt0ad13@aol.com

"Hey guys! Don't forget I'm here too!"

Tumbler spotting!!!

So yeah, where in the world are Robb & Elissa? Nick Universe! Ok, let's go...time to head back to the airport!

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