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The following pages include our trip itinerary and some of the travel research we did over the prior months before our trip.
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After reading through this page, you should get a pretty good idea of how to prepare for a theme park trip to Japan!

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Part One - Getting to Japan, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Sega Joypolis
Part Two - "Tokyo Area Parks"
Part Three - "Nagoya/Osaka Area Parks"
Part Four - Back to Tokyo, More Tokyo Parks and useful Japan travel links

Part Four - Back to Tokyo, More Tokyo Parks, Return Home, and Useful Links!
Sea Paradise and Yokohama Cosmoworld

Day Fifteen (Saturday, 2 October)
Back to Shinjuku Tokyo then head to two parks!

Check into Shinjuku Washington hotel, leave our luggage at check in and head out to parks!

Walk to Shinjuku Station.
Take train to Hakkeijima.  Short walk to the Sea Paradise.
(Note: There is not a direct train to Yokohama between 8:44 and 10:31.  So if we want to ge to to Sea Paradise earlier, 
we need to catch the 8:44 train from Shinjuku.  Otherwise we can take a train that changes in Shibuya that leaves about 
every 10 minutes

To get to Sea Paradise, you'll get on the electric railway at Shin-Sugita:

Here is your stop for Sea Paradise.  The park is just outside the train station. (You can see Blue Fall from the station)

Sea Paradise

After Sea Paraside, head back to Hakkeijima Station.  Take the Kanazawa Seaside Line to Shin-sugita Station.  
Transfer to JR Negishi Line to Sakuragicho Station.  From Station "Walk 13 minutes to big ferris wheel"

Yokohama Cosmoworld

After Cosmoworld, walk back to Sakuragicho Station.  Take JR Negishi Line to Yokohama Station.  
Transfer to JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line to Shinjuku Station.  Walk to hotel.

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Stay at Shinjuku Washington Hotel
3-2-9 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
+81/(0)3 3343-3111

Note: The Shinjuku Washington hotel was one of the more reasonably priced of the Shinjuku hotels.  It was a great location as there is an 
underground walkway that connects the hotel with the Shinjuku rail station.  There are tons of restaurants in the area, and it's in the heart
of Shinjuku.  Expect to pay anywhere between $150 - $300 per night for a Shinjuku area hotel.  If you can split this cost with another
person, it's becomes very reasonable.


Day Sixteen (Sunday, 3 October)
Fly Home!

Take Limobus from hotel to Narita Airport.

Fly from Narita Airport on Sunday at 2:55pm, Korean Air which Arrives at Los Angeles International Airport on 
Sunday at 9:00am.
(NOTE: You DO get two Sunday's when flying from Japan back to the United States!)

I hope this travel guide has been helpful.  Please also see our Trip Reports and photo updates for more information.  I've included below
some links that you might want to check out if you are planning a trip to Japan.

Useful links:
The following links were very helpful when planning our trip:

JR Rail Time Tables - Most of the train information in this guide came from this page.  As long as you know the station closest to the park
you are visiting, this site will be VERY helpful!  Note that you have to put in the stations as one word.  For example, "Shin-Sugita" 
would be entered as "Shinsugita" for your start point or destination.  Remove any spaces or hyphens. 

Jorudan Japan Traffic Guide - Similar to the JR Rail Time Tables, this site also gives information on bus lines, mono-rails, private rail lines,
etc.  We found it best when looking for train information to check BOTH of these sites to find the best and quickest option to our destination.

Japan Rail Pass - This site has everything you need to know about obtaining a JR Rail Pass. - This is a GREAT source of information about everything Japan!  The travel Q&A on the forums were very helpful!

Airport Limousine - A shuttle bus company that will take you from Narita Airport to just about anywhere in Tokyo.

Tokyo Disney Resort (English Version) - The Official Site to the Tokyo Disney Resort - The Roller Coaster Database with tons of information about parks and coasters in Japan and all over the world.

Japan Weather Information - This site seemed to be more accurate than for Japan weather forecasts. 

Comfort Inn - We found our Nagoya Hotel from this site.  Ended up being a GREAT central location to many parks.

Shinjuku Washington Hotel - Another great location!  This hotel was right in the heart of Shinjuku, and reasonably priced for a Tokyo hotel.

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