Bonfante Gardens Family Theme Park
Gilroy, CA
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Bay Area California Trip 2004!

Six Flags Marine World
    Paramount's Great America    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk    Bonfante Gardens

We made our way to Bonfante Gardens.  A park we visited for the first time last year and really liked a lot!

This year we decided we'd see about getting the Quaker REALLY sick on the garlic ride!

SUCCESS!!!!!  =)

But we made it up to Mark by letting him touch Elissa!

Any park with talking food is cool by me!

We rode Quicksilver Express a number of times, which I think is probably one of the best Morgan coasters.

Here's another niftly little coaster shot.

The "Lap Bar Monorail" was a huge hit with all of us!

OOOH!  Look at how much room Elissa has!  

For all of you monorail enthusiasts, here's a couple of money shots for ya!  ;)

Look at all that vegetation!

Ahh...the Bonfante Falls...what a nice relaxing part of the day.... starts out nice and somber as Mark points out...

...then suddenly we're trapped in a violent downpour of water!!!!   RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!  AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!

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