Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
Fukuoka, Japan
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Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

The park also had this strange "walk through" dark ride type of thing.

"Grrr!!  I'm scary old lady cat monster!  *BOOGIE*  *BOOGIE*  *BOOGIE!!!*

Yeah, we all think snake lady is pretty sexy!

And Quaker sure does look cool with snake lady growing out of his neck!

"Grrrrr!  I'm scary turtle guy with a bucket!"

"I'm not exactly sure what the hell is going on here!"

Random Japanese hangings?!?!

Is this even supposed to be scary!??!



And then the most disturbing image....

Yes!  It's "Mr. Fish Head Guy!!!"


OMG!  It's a whole are dedicated to vending machines!
(Keep in mind that, other than the lady that took our money, the ride op on the coaster, and the person at the dark ride....
we haven't seen *ANYONE* else the entire visit!)

Mmmm....more strange Fanta flavors!

Here's the "Random Japanese Drink" of the day!

And of course, more giant creepy ride around fluffy animals!


Woah!  Wait a second!  There's a ride running....but we don't actually SEE ANYONE!!!!  CREEPY!!!

So we decided we'd take one more ride on the coaster, because it actually was decent.

Made by Senyo...not to be confused with those guys who make stereos.

First drop was pretty cool.

Little hill afterwards was ok too...

...and so it was time to finally say goodbye to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park....

And then....

Something happened....

Something we could not believe...

Are you prepared for this?

It might shock you...

Ok, you've been warned.....




WE SAW PEOPLE!!!!!  OMG!!! YES!!!!  IT'S TRUE!!!!  *THREE* Count 'em - 1, 2, 3...THREE people were actually at the park!!!

Ok, so back in Fukuoka we are.  Those of you going to Japan with us in 2007, get used to this view!  =)

Mmm....lots of food!  But what to have?  Maybe I'll have that puppy dog in that last picture!

The shops in the train station had everything!!!

Not sure what this was...but the sign was kind of disturbing.

And of course...Elissa's favorite part..... guessed it!  (Don't worry, we had some kick ass sushi on this trip also!)  =)

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