Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Fukuoka, Japan
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Uminonakamichi is one of those bizarre experiences that's hard to really explain in photos and video.  (Do watch the video, though, it helps!)
We will do our best to give you the details, but this day was really strange!!!

This park, which isn't very far from Fukuoka, a pretty major city in the south of Japan is located inside a "national park."
So the train drops of us off here...and other than being handed a map that is somewhat in English....we're not actually sure if the
place is open!  The website said it was....the woman that took our money said it was, but.....

There is not a SINGLE car in the parking lot!

Here we are, heading down the path to the park.  We do not see a single living thing during this walk.

"Hello.  We are the only living creatures, other than the woman that took our money!"
(Good thing Elissa has her stuffed tomato in case we need to eat something!)

OMG!  I see what looks like it could be a park!!!

Umm....nothing appears to be running...and there is NO ONE here.

Look in the other direction....NO ONE! this place abandoned?!?!

OMG!  LOOK!  THROUGH THE TREES!  Oh,'s just Elissa!  =)

Well, the coaster seems to be running, so let's get our tickets!
(Note that there isn't actually anyone working here, just a machine to buy tickets!)

We are told the ride is called "Jet Coaster", but it had a dolphin sign.

Even the station looked totally deserted!  There was one ride op working, but that was it.

I mean, it was a pretty damn big ride!!!  Had to be at least 120 feet tall!!!

Overall, it was fun...kind of like a "mine train coaster" with a really big first drop! 
Although in order to get photos we had to keep taking turns riding since no one was around!

It just went out and back next to the ferris wheel and a couple of flat rides.

You can see from the lift hill that there isn't much too this park....
...ALTHOUGH!  You can ALMOST make out the *PSYCHO* obstacle course which we'll get to on page two!  =)

Here's the rest of the park.  Not much here...and certainly NO PEOPLE!!!

Ahh, another lift hill photo for you guys!  You know who you are!  And if you want to see a POV video of this coaster:

To watch our Jet Coaster POV Video, click the above image!
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I mean, the first drop was really good!!!  We were totally shocked!!!

I'm assuming the rest of the ride would have been a bit better if there were more people in the train,
but people wasn't something that would be easy to come across today!

And you thought Most Extreme Elimination Challenge was painful?  =)

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