Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Fukuoka, Japan
Official Web Site:

Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!


So, we're assuming that it's ok to just go and play around on this stuff, because there isn't ANYONE around telling us not to!  =)

Looks easy enough, right?

Not for Robb!!!  =)

"Hey Joey!  Look what I can do!!!!"

"Um...nothing....I can't do monkey bars either!"

Oh, this is NOT going to end good!


"The water doesn't look deep, but it's got some funky stuff growing in it!"

"This isn't easy to do with a tomato in my pocket!"

"Do NOT lose your balance on this one!"

Ok, looks easy enough...Quaker, why don't you try?

"Um...I think I'm stuck!!!!"

OMG!  This did not look so difficult on TV!!!

Hey Joey!  Eat this!!!!

What the HELL is that!?!?!

OMG!  They are a sea of roller slides!!!

"Ow!  My ass!!!!"

If you haven't watched out Uminonakamuchi Seaside Park Video yet, click the above image!
It includes LOTS of footage of the obstacle course!

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Thanks to Quaker for the extra photos!

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