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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
1001 Fairgrounds Dr., Vallejo, CA 94589
(707) 643-6722
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Bay Area Bash 2009!

Welcome to our first ever "Bay Area Bash!" at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! Yay!!! This event was awesome! I want to say thank you to everyone who attended the event, and to everyone at the park - Edgar, Kevin, Charles, Captain Lee, Kirk, etc for helping make this event FABULOUS!

"Hey! Check me out! It's like I work here now!"

"Hey everyone! Welcome to Bay Area Bash!"

TPR member "pomplemus" showed up with this snazzy home-made TPR shirt.

It looks cool and all, but is he as cool as the shirt? Let's find out!

Here pomplemus is doing "The Turtle" - check out his rockin' moves!

Here he is doing the "Flamingo" - yeah, his moves rock...he's cool!

"Hey TPR! Check this out! The first ever TPR - CAMEL ERT!!!"

That's right! For the morning we had "ECT" or "Exclusive Camel Time"

Many people seemed to take pictures of this guy's foot. Not sure why though...

We also had otter ERT! Dude, this little guy LOVED Jell-o Shots! Who knew?

This little dude glared at us...but he was cool.

This parrot counts as TWO credits!

After our "EAT" or "Exclusive ANIMAL Time" (no we did NOT eat the animals!!! Stop it with your horrible thoughts!!!) we got to check out the new Odin's Temple of the Tiger exhibit.

Oooh! We like this! Must make use of Flash Pass seating later in the day!

We had an awesome presentation by Captain Lee and the wildlife trainers about Odin and several of the other shows SFDK has to offer.

This cat is NOT someone you want to mess with!

They gave us a little "behind the scenes" look at how they train the animals, how the shows are developed, etc. This guy is leading the tiger on with some meat on a stick. IMO, I'd pretty much follow the "Yakatori Guy" wherever he goes too!

Hmm...this guy seems to be distracted by something...what could it be?

OMG! He wants Justin's baby! No, I'm not kidding! It was hilarious, he followed that baby actions. As Captain Lee said, the cats go for the "easiest targets!" =) Good thing those fences are very high!

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