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Bay Area Bash 2009!

After our EAT, we had ERT! Yes! Medusa opened for Bay Area Bash!!!

Yay for Medusa ERT!!!

"I'm Mr. Giraffe and I'm gonna EAT some unsuspecting Medusa riders! Yum!"

"Thank you for awesome Medusa ERT!"

After ERT was over we decided to head into the park and check out some of the shows and animal exhibits.

Thankfully, having our little Q-Bot Flash Pass guys in hand meant we didn't have to wait or worry about getting to shows early!

"Hey Shouka, what's up homey?"

"Oh, ya, know, just doing my thing...jumpin in the water, splashin around...killer whale type of stuff."

Hellllo Mr. Shark!

Seriously, who DOESN'T love shark week?

"Anyone seen Giant Octopus around? That guy owes me a phone call."

Walrus "Hey look! A funny looking guy." Human: "Hey look! A funny looking guy."


OK, ride time? You bet! Roar? Yay!!!

V2.5? Yay!!!

Tony Hawk's Big Spin? DOUBLE YAY!!! (You'll find out why later!)

Any ride that is shark-themed is AWESOME!

I hear some creepy talking trains hang out here.

Yup, there they are!

Mr. Toppemhat was out to say hello. I hear he likes Jell-O shots too! =)

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