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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
1001 Fairgrounds Dr., Vallejo, CA 94589
(707) 643-6722
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Bay Area Bash 2009!

After Penguin ERT we made a quick break from the park down the road to the Jelly Belly Factory!!!
(C'mon, when a place like this is only 9 miles away, how can we NOT go???)

They made us wear silly hats.

But we all looked pretty sexy in them!

We weren't allowed to take any photos inside the factory, so silly hat TPR members against a mural of candy corn is the best you're gonna get! =)

In the shop you could buy just about every flavor of Jelly Belly you could imagine.

Belly Flops - these are the most amazing Jelly Belly's ever! Basically these are the reject beans that come off the factory line and if you can imagine what happens when about a half dozen beans all fuse together, it's inside this bag!

This dude really didn't want his picture taken...so that of course means we had to put him in the update! =)

These are some really "odd flavored" beans...

Oooh! You can get 1 pound of "delicious" Vomit bean for just $12!

There's also "booger." (I actually DID try this flavor and oddly enough it tasted just like Curtis Armstrong!)

Baby Wipes? I wonder how they taste?

"Hmmm...you know I've actually eaten a ton of baby wipes, and...I gotta be honest, I just don't think they quite got the flavor perfect."

See ya later giant Jelly Belly dude! We got more coasters to ride and animals to fondle!

Is it just me or does the dude in the background look really annoyed at Robby's awesome collection of Q-Bots?

BTW, if you know how many Q-Bots Robby has, EMAIL DAN and tell him!  First 10 people with the right guess get a TPR Bag-O-Crap!
(be sure to include your email address and mailing address in your note to Dan!)

"I'm CRAAAAAZY Robb Alvey...Gimme some Q-Bots!"

Yay! TPR invades the stingray fondle pond!

We even got the chance to record a PodCast with the Season Pass Podcast guys!

If you haven't listened to the Bay Area Bash PodCast yet, click HERE!

"I really love my cape!"

Thanks to our handy, dandy little Flash Passes, we didn't have to worry about queuing for the kiddie coaster!

"Bugs isn't going to eat me right? RIGHT?!?!?"

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