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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
1001 Fairgrounds Dr., Vallejo, CA 94589
(707) 643-6722
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Bay Area Bash 2009!


We had an hour on V2.5!

And as many rides as you wanted on Roar!

And now - for one of the greatest moments in all of TPR history! The "Tony Hawk Water Challenge!" Now, you might be asking, "What exactly is the Tony Hawk Water Challenge?" Well, take one good look at this picture. I'll give you a hint, the liquid in those cups is NOT battery acid!

The goal here was to leave the station with full cups of water and see how much you had left when you returned. These guys didn't fare so well!

The "Brit Team" didn't have that good of luck - Hmm...cups look empty...dudes look wet.

You either were REALLY excited by the ride, or really sucked at the challenge! =)

The insanity that ensued for the remainder of the ERT session resulted in a lot of water being splashed everywhere, many wet TPR members, and one of the most awesome ERT sessions ever!!!

"What do you mean DON'T DRINK IT!!?? What do you mean it's not really water??? OMG?!!? What's in this cup?!?!"

The Brit Team says "My whole body feels like mushy peas."

It was one thing at Dixieland to give Robb a super soaker, but giving Robb cups of water to throw at oncoming riders?
"Noooooo!!!" SKLOOOSH!!!

"Ok time to measure up! Poor all your remaing water into this measuring cup."

(ahem...you're BRITISH!!!)

"Hey, Brit Team! I managed to stay completely dry!"

"Hey guys! We are staying nice and dry on Roar!"

"Bloody Hell! It's like an average day in London!"

And our mostly dry Tony Hawk Water Challenge winners brought home a Roar road wheel and a chain dog! Congrats guys!

Kevin, Charles, and random dude whom I do not know the name of...THANK YOU GUYS! Seriously, that ERT session freakin' ROCKED!!!

TPR says a huge THANK YOU to everyone at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for an AWESOME event!
See you next year!!!

"That's right...I'll see you next year...and I'll be waiting...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Thank you again to everyone who contributed photos for this update - Natalie, Mike, Ben, Dave, Kerry, and anyone else who I may have forgotten to mention - THANK YOU!

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