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Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort
Route 487, Elysburg, PA 17824 USA
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Knoebels is known for saving many classic rides, restoring them, and then running them at an amped-up pace. The park caters to a local crowd, and the locals love it. Admission and parking are free, and you can even bring your dog with you to the park.

Wood-coaster fans may come here for one of the best one-two punches at any park in Twister and Phoenix. (Try to ride Phoenix in the third row of the first car for some extra pops of air.) The park even recreated Flying Turns a model of coaster not built in over 50 years. Knoebels veered from their comfort zone when their installed Impulse, a steel coaster from Zierer. However, a true park enthusiast would miss out if only sampling the coasters, as many of the flats are one of a kind.

The Haunted Mansion is a slight upcharge even if you have an all-day ride band. Dick Knoebel felt that if patrons had to pay each time they would be more respectful of the props. As such we are treated to a very entertaining dark ride where the props are not behind cages. Black Diamond is a well themed dark ride/coaster with an ode to the plight of the local coal mining industry.

The Bumper Cars are considered the best in the world. Old Lusse Skooters running at top speed for a five-minute cycle create massive hits. The Flyers (Flying Scooters) are run at the perfect speed and for a long cycle, creating flying nirvana.

In the middle of the park is one of the few remaining Fascination parlors, and throughout the park are other reasonably priced games of chance for the kids.
There are an abundance of places to eat at Knoebels. Knoebels is known for its variety of comfort foods and reasonable prices. The International Food court has the most options in one place. However, many consider Cesari's Pizza to be the highest quality option. Close to Cesari's Pizza is a Pierogie (potato dumplings) and Tri-Tater stand favored by many locals. Other unique delicacies found throughout the park are frozen sweet tea, fried cheese on a stick, and boneless BBQ sandwiches. Every food stall is unique, so explore.
Operating Season
Generally open on weekends from late April to Memorial Day. Daily operation generally runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Established Seasonal events
The Covered Bridge Festival and Phoenix Phall Phunfest occur the first or second weekend in October. The park has recently started opening a few rides for the weekends preceding Halloween.
Access & Location
Knoebels is quite a distance from any large cities and only accessible by car. It is most easily accessed from I-80 via Exit 232 or 224.
From Exit 232, take Route 42 South to 487 South.
From Exit 224, take Route 54 South to 487 North.

No public transportation options exist.
Nearby Lodging
Knoebels has two onsite campgrounds (hook-ups, tents and cabins). The closest chain lodging is along I-80 at exits 232 and 224.
Virtual Queue Options
Do not exist
Limited to local entertainers
Knoebels Haunted House POV
Flying Turns POV
Twister Wooden Roller Coaster POV
Phoenix Wooden Roller Coaster POV
Phoenix POV in 60fps!

Mark's Postcard Paradise - Phoenix
Pre-1985 Park Brochure - Mark's Postcard Paradise

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