Knoebel's Amusement Park
Elysburg, PA
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Knoebel's Phall Phunfest 2001 Photo Update!

The Phoenix is the main attraction of Phall Phunfest!

Hey!  Is that Dave almost cracking a smile?

Unlike Shivering Timbers, Elissa finds plenty of airtime on the Phoenix!

Dave's smile is quickly gone after a ride on the Flyers with the new slower motor.

Quiz time! Is Derek either:
A. Heartbroken about the new motor on the Flyers, or
B. Happy that Brian has given him not only touching privileges, but hugging ones as well!
EMAIL me to answer the question!

Walt was one of the select few who could still get some snapping in on the now average flyers

Even Fred is pretty annoyed with the Flyers! 

David "Yes, I'm still a sexy bitch" Hamburger!

Kurt and Tom are prepared for a cold night at Knoebel's!

Here you can see why they call this ride "Twister!"

No Robb, the north pole is not made of food.

Elissa, staying true to her Cheetah costume, prepares to bash Robb with her Gerstlauer made tail.

Even blowing smoke on the Whrilwind sign couldn't make the ride any better

Robb "The Real Vekoma Engineer" Alvey rides Whirlwind until the Deja Vu's really work.

Doesn't it just look painful???

After going through Viper withdrawal this season at Great Adventure,
 Matt finally got his butt kicked on Whirlwind.

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