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Denver, CO
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Denver 2005 - Where in the world are Robb & Elissa?
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Yay!  The "Flying Coaster!"  I wonder what this ride does?

I hope Tatsu is this good!  =)

Here are those awesome "cages of death!"

These poor unsuspecting riders have NO IDEA what is in store for them!

Whee!  This part of the ride was fun!

The ride made interesting noises.  Almost indescribable noises. The most bizarre metal clanking noises. 


The riders are stunned!  Totally comatose!

And you know, oddly enough after everything we had heard about it, it really was actually kind of fun!

I think Elitch should change the name of all their coasters after the obvious thing that they do..
"The Looping Coaster"  "The Painful Coaster" etc.

"The Painful Coaster"

"The Lots-A-Loops and OMG!!!! Coaster!"

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