Winter Park Alpine Slide
Denver, CO
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Denver 2005 - Where in the world are Robb & Elissa?
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While Denver might have a couple of nice theme parks and water parks, we are in one of the nicest mountain ranges
of the country, so we decided to take in a bit of "nature" and a few other attractions as well....

Our drive through the mountains....this is certainly NOT California!

Oooh!  Idlewild!  Awesome!  Maybe Kennywood isn't too far away either!

Robb does his best "John Belushi" impression.

"Using long range weaponry."  AWESOME!

We arrive at Winter Park, which is normally a really nice ski resort, but they have loads of summer attractions too.

Nice little shopping area.  Robb "Where's the food?"

I know, I's not giant hills of a theme park, but every once in a while we gotta enjoy the "great outdoors" too.

Ahh, now this looks more terrifying!

The alpine slide goes right below the ski lift.

This was a BIG clue in the "Where in the world are Robb & Elissa" thread!

Even the sled's get their own little ride.

Now this is more like it.

We choose the "Fast" track!

"Dip....but no, Robb, not the kind you use with Potato chips!"

Would you believe you take some of these curves at what feels like 30 MPH?

There is even airtime to be had on the alpine slide!

"DO NOT STOP!"  Yeah!  That's my kind of sign!

"OMG!  ROBB!!  STOP!!!!  STOP!!!!!!!"

"The Giant Human Maze, huh?  Yeah, right!  Like they breed mutant GIANT HUMANS here in Denver!"


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