Timber Falls Adventure Park
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Official Website:  http://www.timberfallspark.com/

Wisconsin Dells & More - 2005 Trip
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Click HERE to download our Timber Fall's Avalanche Video

Timber Falls - Just down the street from Mt. Olympus and this coaster is WELL worth the stop!!!

It's impossible to describe the speed this thing takes other than saying it looks like it's going in "fast forward!"
Download the video by clicking the link above and you'll see what we mean!

See that train?  See how fast it's going?  Now blink and it will be gone!

The drop is steep, yes.  And the ride is fast?  YES!!!!!

Oh, and did we mention that there is crazy massive airtime EVERYWHERE?

Airtime here!

...airtime here...

And, we're not even sure how, but yeah, airtime here also.  We think the train just jumps up and down on the track or something.

And just before the brake run, guess what?  YES!  For 1 MILLION DOLLARS...AIRTIME!!!!

It's just a cute little three car train, but OMG, it rocks!

See, tiny little train.....BIG HUGE BOMB!

That guy in the front is a total wimp!

Yellow shirt guy is a total blur to the rest of the world.

Here is where the train jumps from one side of the street to the other.  It's magic!  No walruses, no rabbits, just MAGIC!

The people in the front think they are at a holy roller convention, but really they are all about to get blasted into space!

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