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Wisconsin Dells & More - 2005 Trip
Mt. Olympus Theme Park    Timber Falls   Riverview Park   Little A-Merrick-A   Kiddieland   Santa's Village   Safariland/Jeepers
Six Flags Great America   Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Oh, now this is going to be promising!

"That's all we needed to see!"

I don't even know what to make of it.  Lots of plastic animals....and a coaster.  GREAT!!!!  Let's RIDE!!!!

"Grrrr!  I'm crazy plastic lion peeing on the plastic tree....give me some wax paper!"

Plastic alligators on the painted water.  This place is really messed up!

"Hey, I don't care!  It's a credit!"

"We are credit whores...we are credit whores...we are sad and lame....and we have our mouths open WAY too much!"

DONKEY!!!!  Not a monkey...DONKEY!!!!

Hey, Ted..."Python Pit!"  ;)

Have we mentioned the fact that we'll end up visiting seven...yes, *SEVEN* parks this day?

Another credit, cha-ching...time to head to the next park!  =)

Ahh, Joey can't handle all the credit whoring!

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