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Ok, so you've seen enough of for the rest of Valleyfair!

We got to the park nice and early.  It was windy and it was Mothers Day.  Those two random things have nothing to do with each other,
but for some reason I felt it was important to mention.

Good thing I left that AK-47 in the car!

KidTums was happy until she found out there was no rides for her today.  :(

Wild Thing riders look very happy.  They should.  They were drugged!

See, it looks big and scary.  But it's really not.  I'm not even sure why!  This ride should be awesome!

The drop has floater air at best.  It's still fun, but it's just not that OMG WOW ride that it looks like.

Minimal floater air here too.  In the front seat it's a bit better, though.

I actually like the figure 8 helix.  It reminds me of my ice skating days....I really miss that pink tutu.  *sigh*

Check it out. Helix fun and Dorney's Skyscraper. 

Cameron just got wet.

This is Cameron and his new baby.  If you see this game in the arcade, drop a buck in and support this sexy aussie!

Um,'s "Xtreme Swing."  'Nuff said.

I really like this ride a lot!  But why are they so ugly?!?!

I don't know why, but I just found this amusing.

Photo Submitted By Cameron
The TPR XTREME crew! 
Jerry #1, Mark, Jerry #2, Brad, Matt, The Non-Aussie Cameron,  Kevin, Elliot, and Me (Robb!)

Jahan + Arrow = No need for the warm touch of a woman.

Yeah,'s a Corkscrew.

Yay!  More Arrow goodness!

Cameron just lounging in his VERY PINK mouse car.

I actually don't mind these mice.  While it's funky that some of the turns are banked, they are quite a lot of fun.

Hence our random stupidity!

BOOO!  To KidTums Un-Friendly rides!

Good thing she's asleep or she would be REALLY pissed off!

Ok, could this be the most scary walk around character ever?  He kind of looks drunk!

Fanboys everywhere are jealous of the sexy aussie.

"Hey Madonna, how's it going?"

No caption needed!

It's a brokeback moment for the Camerons.

And yes, that smell WAS mine!  =)

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