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Renegade Opens at Valleyfair!
That's right!  Valleyfair has opened up a brand new wooden roller coaster designed by GCI (Great Coasters International) and we were lucky enough
to come in and preview the ride before it opened to the public and get lots of photos and video to share with all of you! 
Overall, the ride was GREAT!  Now, I will tell you that if you're looking for an "airtime machine" Renegade won't be for you.  BUT, it's got some great
floater airtime, a fantastic first drop, and more laterals and turns than you can ask mom for at the grocery store.  And at night, Renegade is
INSANE!  So be sure to get a few rides in as close to the park closing time as possible!  Anyway, onto photos and video!

Renegade POV Video!

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Yeah, see the first drop!  It's full of twisty goodness!

Nice little bunny hill over the access road heading back towards the station.

Theme Park Review gives Renegade one thumb up!  (the other thumb was holding the camera!)

Here you can get a nice overview of the site....including outhouse.

These two hills produce some very nice floater airtime.

This turn around produces some very nice "Hey, let's go in another direction" kind of element.

It's like a buffet of floater airtime.

"Hey everyone!  This is the official toilet of the Renegade backstage tour!"

"And this?  This is WOOD.  Without these little beauties Renegade might have been made out of plastic."

And now Robb will attempt the world's record of how many nails can you put in your mouth at one time!
(Note: Robb is a trained professional!  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

Photo Submitted By Cameron
Renegade's got some really big nuts!

Some of the very first riders take take a ride Thursday night before opening weekend.

Ahh, you wouldn't think I'd leave out a lift hill shot for the lift hill enthusiasts would you?

The first drop from a slightly different angle.  IMO, the twistyness really worked!  There was a bit of air and a nice lateral on the drop!

Now THAT is a sexy first drop!

Here at TPR we like to call our filming practices "Professionally Ghetto!"  Hey, it gets the job done!  ;)

Them are some happy Renegade riders.

Wow!  What an impressive amount of wood!

The station flyby was a hit!

And with all GCI woodies, there is lots of sexy curves to keep you stimulated.

Here we are mounting our cameras in the TPR professional ghetto style!

Elissa gets to ride with GCI's Chris.  He looks trilled!  :D

And GCI Guys Mike Boodley and Clair Hain ride gansta style!

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