Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ
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Theme Park Review Random Visit - April 2007!

Since Elissa and I were on the east coast for work, and we had our Six Flags America Meet the day before, we decided to head up to Six Flags
Great Adventure the next day since we had not visited this park since 2003 there was plenty new for us to see!

To view our El Toro Video click HERE!

Hey girls!  WAKE UP!!!!  There's Intamin wood to ride!!!
(We see you Mr. Brain Slug!)

Oh boy....we're in....yup....New Jersey!  =)

Yay!  We finally made it.

Now THAT is a coaster skyline!

Park isn't even open yet and Ka is already testing.  This is a good sign.

Happy Mr. Wiggle was at the park to greet us with a song and a dance.

Oh, crap....they really are serious about line jumpers!

"Even though you've used Q-Bot many, many times, you MUST watch this 5 minute video...."

Ooh...that's the line for Kingda Ka?  Um, no, I don't think so.....

YES!!!  What we came here for!


It's *VIDEO TIME!!!*  Check out our new El Toro video including a complete POV of the ride!

To view our El Toro video click the image above.

Overall, El Toro did NOT disappoint!  In fact, we can honestly say that it is our new #1 wood coaster in the US.
While in our opinion it didn't quite beat our Balder, it beats out everything else we've ridden in this country!
(although some people in our group would disagree...but don't worry, we took care of them.....)

"Hey!  LET ME OUT!!!  Just because I like El Toro better than Balder is no reason to permanently staple me to it!!!"

The airtime on this ride is unlike anything you'll ever experience.

Here they go...out of the ex-Viper station to the psycho lift hill.

Yeah, see this lift.  You go up it in like TWO seconds...ok, well maybe not that fast, but watch the video, you'll see!

The first drop is just freaking amazing!  At 76-degrees, it's steeper than any wood coaster drop in the world.

Did we mention the insane airtime that you get on this ride? 

Here's proof.  Let's have a close up of those two riders in the front seat.

There is so much airtime that rider on the right's hair is pasted straight up! 
(It stayed like this the rest of the day too!)

"Yeah....string cheese is gooooooood"

Lots of butts out of the seat.

Many trees gave their life for this kick ass turn around.

The El Toro water fountain.  Just go "tap, tap, tap" and water dribbles out.

I would have waited to get both trains in this shot, but I'm not that geeky.

It's just awesome.  I mean....awesome.

El Toro's got a big hole in it.

"I like string cheese too!"

KidTums makes El Toro cuter!

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