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Theme Park Review Meet - 2007!

Today was our first ever TPR "meet" at Six Flags America!  Elissa and I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and
put up with us for the day.  Overall I think we ended up meeting about 40ish TPR members.  We had a great day.  There was broccoli,
coasters, signature moves, and even a bizarre green dog (should have got his name!)  Anyway, here's a few photos from the meet.  Enjoy!

KidTums on her very first plane flight.  Thankfully, she looked like this most of the way.  Sleeping!

Must be those brain slugs sucking the energy out of her.
(BTW, if you know where the "brain slug" is from EMAIL DAN!)

Dude, our snack box was sponsored by Busch Gardens!

Yay!  We finally made it!  Time to meet a bunch of really bizarre demented people who have nothing better to do than read this site!  =)

Ok, Disneyland, please read this!  If like, every other park on the PLANET can have a "guests without bags" line, why can't you?

Obviously we went right to Superman: Ride of Steel....DUH!!!

Mmmmmm....Intamin goodness....

It's been about 4 years since we've ridden and yup, still gives ejector air over the hills!

And yeah, the bunny hops still deliver some warm gooey airtime pie!

"It's no Expedition GeForce, but still....we'll take all the airtime pie we can get!"

KidTums is flashing her "SROS gang signs."  "What up yo?"

So, while Superman is still a really good ride, it has these new metal bars on the trains.

It's not a good idea to wear shorts while riding.  :(

I love the little "shoebox" Superman station.  It really is awesome!

"Yup, I'm a bunny hill...check me out....."

Batwing was on the list of "closed" rides today.  Apparently, closed to Mr. Batwing means FULLY OPERATIONAL!!!

Rich flashes the signature move and James leaves the seat just a little bit wetter than it was before.

Little did B&M know that Vekoma did the egg turn before Tatsu!

While yes it might be a Vekoma, we actually do like Batwing (we just wish they could fix the rattle!)

The tiny fence is not only frightened of the screaming people but totally embarrassed....because he's naked.

TPR only likes Vekoma coasters that are yellow and purple, so Batwing is in luck!

Heh....they all ride in the "doggy style" position.  ;)

I give doggy style the ride two big Joey thumbs up!

The Roar crew is saying "Please make them go to a different ride....PLEASE!!!"

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