Silver Dollar City
Branson, MO
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Silver Dollar City 2005 Trip
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Silver Dollar City, one of the nicest parks in the country in our opinion, opened up a brand new coaster this year!

Powder Keg!  A Blast In The Wilderness!

To make a long story short, Powder Keg is a launched coaster.  And as you can see by the look on the woman's face in the 3rd row,
it takes you by surprise!  =)

Any coaster with fire and explosions is ok with us!

Any coaster with awesome airtime down the first drop is ok by us!  =)

Yeah...airtime.  Butt say goodbye to seat!

While this photo trip report is mostly about Powder Keg, there is a lot to do and see at Silver Dollar City.
This has just been a little preview of some of our Powder Keg photos... now we give you our "Silver Dollar City Photo Update!!!!"

It all started in Kansas City.  Picking up our "James Bond" rental car...

...and heading off to
Carrabba's!  For those of you who don't know,
Carrabba's is our favorite restaurant, and we don't have them in California.  =(

Elissa loves carbs!  =)

On our way to Branson, we passed Worlds Of Fun....we'll get back there later in another update.  But first...BRANSON!!!

Ahh, Branson....home of the "Yakov Smirnov" show....

...and people who think "funnest" is a real word!

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