Parque de Atracciones Photo & Video Trip Report!
Madrid, Spain
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Our "Quick Visit to Spain, Just For The Hell of it!" Trip 2006

Ok, so we're going to try something a little different.  I'm experimenting with streaming videos so along with our typical photo
updates, there are also several videos include on these next four pages.  From videos of POVs of some of the coasters to
just random silly stuff that happened at the park that try to tell a better "story" of what our day was like.
So kind of think of it as the most complete way to "Hang Out at a Park With Robb & Elissa!"

Please do give us some feedback on how you like the "Photo and Video Update" and how it worked for you. 
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The park is located near the center of Madrid, easy to get to from the Metro rail.

Overall, the park looked like it could be nice, but our day was not as smooth as it could be.....

..but the park did have this REALLY COOL "tattoo" style "pay-one-price" ticket system!

It doesn't take very long and the tattoo artist they have on hand is very good!

Basically, they give you something that looks like a "temporary tattoo" from a Cracker Jack box, and you take it to this "water fountain" area.

You put the tattoo on your hand, then use the water to make it stick!  There were several of these water stations near the front of the park.
Weird?  YES!!!!  Cool.  OMG YES!!!!  I mean, we got a tattoo at the park that you HAVE to wear!!!  How cool is that???

Check out the "Funky Tattoo Hand Stamp Thingy" Video!
To download this video either click above or if that doesn't work, right click and "save target as..."

Oh, but how cool is this?  We went straight to Tornado only to find scaffolding and people working on the ride.
This would usually mean the ride isn't going to open today at any other park.

We're told it will open in an hour, but about 90 minutes later, it's still closed.... fact, this was a sign we got very used to as we found most of the rides closed today.

However, finally around 3pm, the scaffolding was just a pile of steel on the ground....

...the ride ops came and took the sign down....

...and the ride OPENED!!!!  We were all shocked!  I mean, when was the last time you went to a park, saw scaffolding all over a ride,
and then actually RODE that same ride a few hours later???

Check out our "Tornado POV" Video!
To download this video either click above or if that doesn't work, right click and "save target as..."

Tornado was what we like to call "Fat people friendly!"  =)

It just wouldn't be a coaster update without a lift hill photo.  We get so many emails about our lift hill photos, and while
I don't quite understand the fascination about them, we aim to deliver as many lift hills as possible for those with the crazy fetish!

I will say this about looks like a mess of track while on the ride!

"I love my Intamin rides!"

Tornado was pretty good...not blow-you-away amazing, but good.

There were even enough vertical loops to share!

One for me....

...and one for Derek!  =)

First drop from the back seat was pretty good.  It was an odd ride, though...
it went from having some strong forces to feeling like it was going to roll back.

Spanish people do some WEIRD things while on coasters!

The corkscrew thingy was pretty cool.

This was the lucky man turnaround that links vertical loop #1 to vertical loop #2.   Without this very important piece of track the
ride would just fly off after the first vertical loop and send the riders plummeting to certain doom.  Now that wouldn't be
that much fun, would it?

Luckily we had 20 riders, because they won't sent the train until 20 people are on the platform ready to ride.

Good helix.  Not quite a "helix of death" but pretty good still.

And damn, we thought it was only us that got turned on by Intamin coasters!  Get a room you two!!!

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