Ocean Park
Hong Kong, China
Official Web Site: http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/

Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

After our visit to Hong Kong Disneyland we made our way over to Hong Kong's "Ocean Park" which is kind of part zoo, part amusement park.
Home to a really fun Zamperla mine train with one of the best views ever, and also one of the most brutal Arrow multi-loopers!

Ohh!  Now this has someone excited!

"Screw getting the coaster credits!  I'd rather go to McDonalds!"

And yes, Elissa is a man of her words!

Ocean Park is also famous for their Cable Car ride....why?


Yeah, it's long...and scary....and long....mostly scary....but long.

There's a Christmas card photo in there somewhere...

Ahh...holding hands is forbidden on the skyway.  :(

It's scary yes, but the view is AWESOME!

"I think I can see my dad!"
*Note: If you know what movie this quote is from.... EMAIL DAN!

(The correct answers will go into a drawing to get a TPR bag-o-crap!)


I would HATE to have to walk down the Wild Mouse stairs!

Yay!  Finally a credit for us (well, some of us at least...)

But first we have to get there since it's half way across Hong Kong!
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This is NOT a "Joe Friendly" escalator!  =)

"We're safe!  We're wearing shoes!"

Uh, oh....everyone fell out.  :(

Either that or they have their cloaking devices on.

Yay!  It is running with people!!!!

This funky Zamperla mine train was actually really good!!!

And seriously....is that not the BEST VIEW EVER on a roller coaster?!!?
To download this photo as a desktop wallpaper click HERE!

No, no....this is certainly NOT THE BEST VIEW on a roller coaster!  =)

MUCH BETTER!!!  (Although you can still kind of see Robb)

"Whee!  Here we go around the helix of nothing!"

Elissa: "YAY!!!  I'm riding with a Quaker!!!!"
Quaker: "Psycho!"

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Thanks to Quaker for the extra photos!

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