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Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

For those of you who might remember, last year we went to Hong Kong and Japan over Christmas & New Years.  We posted a bunch of photos
and videos on the forum, but we never did our "Full Photo Updates."  We had a busy year, and since it's now exactly one year later, we figured now
is just as good of a time as any!  We'll have several updates over the next couple of weeks with new photos, videos, and even desktop wallpapers!

Onto Hong Kong Disneyland!

To watch our Hong Kong Disneyland Video, click the above image!

Hmm...I wonder if this is the right train?

Geez, I just don't know....do you think this one goes to Disneyland???

"I don't know Robb....There isn't anything around that makes me think it will go to Disney, but we'll give it a try!"

"These little guys told me we're on the right train!"

Hey look!  The train stop is right in front of the park.

Time to check into our hotel....too bad it's themed to California, but still it was very nice.

Ok, THIS bus is definitely going to Disneyland!

Translation: "Oh, dear God...Robb & Elissa are here!  Hot Dogs beware!!!"

"Hey, I'm just here to see my lovers....Chip & Dale! Oh, yeah...and get a credit too!"

Wow, creepy....is this Disneyland or Hong Kong Disneyland?!!?
At least it's not Nara Dreamland!

"Robb Alvey, huh? I will need to see your passport and first born."

Did we mention....."Creepy!"

The entrance plaque is.....bi-lingual!
To download this photo as a Desktop Wallpaper, click HERE!

Looks very familiar...other than that giant mountain in the background!

Yay!  Happy Kwanzaa everyone!

Yup, looks just like this little video store in California on the corner of Lincoln and Olympic.

PUSH!!!!  ROBB!!!  PUSH!!!!

"Excuse me sir, can you take me to a park with a real castle?"

Is this photo from Hong Kong Disneyland....or Disneyland?  Hmm...it's a trick!
If you know the answer....

These guys were totally throwing down a Fresnonian Rap Dance Battle!

Dude...it's true!  The castle is DWARFED by the mountains!!!

"I once saw these glass things on a show called 'Real Sex' can you make one of those here?"
"Is that a no?"

Robb...DO NOT touch ANYTHING!

"Hey Laura....we're hanging with your people!"
(Note: Anyone else think this guy kind of looks like Danny Glover?!?!)

"Hey, is that Robb Alvey we see out there?  QUICK!   CLOSE THE DOORS!!!"

"Coconut Milk Flavor?!?!"
Oh dear god! They have crazy popcorn here too!!! 

Chocobanana Flavor???  We'll try that one!


*sigh* Yes, for some reason they have built a clone of the Disneyland Castle....WHY?!?!?!  WHY?!?!!?

And as you can see they sell life sized models in the gift shop!

Yeah, Quaker!  Thrust that junk!  Even the castle is impressed!  It's like 10 times its size!!!

Hey look...there's Tomorrowland over there...somewhere....let's go check that out....

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Thanks to Quaker for the extra photos!

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