Sanrio Park Harmonyland
Oita, Japan
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Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

Yes!  You are seeing that correctly....there really is a "Hello Kitty" theme park in Japan!

And they've even got Elissa's favorite Sanrio character - Badtz Maru!

We've got our tickets in hand and we're ready to check it out! actually looks....REALLY NICE!!!

The entrance plaza to the park did in fact look really cool!

Aha!  What's that we see?  Yes!  It's a credit!!!

Ok, so it's a family coaster...still, that's good enough for us!

It's called the "Hello Kitty Rythmical Coaster"....yeah!  ;)

"Hey boys of are you doing?"  *wink*

Don't let this "Roller Skater" fool was actually pretty fun!

To watch our Harmonyland Rhythmical Coaster POV Video, click the above image!
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"Whee!!!  Over the park entrance we go!"

It does have the best "you should not ride" sign, though!  Look at the "intoxicated" guy!!!

They do have another coaster at Harmonyland...but it's not a credit...'s powered.  :(

But at least the trains are cute...right?

The park is actually pretty big, but it's separated in three different sections, all which are kind of far away form each other.

Luckily they have a train that takes you to the lower part of the park.
(note the coaster track...this is totally a "Jeff Johnson" credit!)  =)

And because it's December and freezing outside, they even gave us blankets to keep us warm during our ride!
I LOVE JAPAN!!!!  =)

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