Photo TR - East Coast Tour 2008 - The C-Jay Perspective

Pre-Game to the Last Day! Knoebels P-10
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby Fry » Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:56 am

Haha, the Pompeii thing happened to our boat as well! It was freakin' scary seeing this wave rolling along the front of the boat towards me, knowing I couldn't do a thing about it!

Again, we also relatively survived Roman Rapids, the little girls we rode with weren't as lucky, but they deserved it for asking if we drove from England and even worse, Australia!

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Postby grinch1313 » Fri Aug 22, 2008 12:09 pm

Thanks, Ben! That rapids story had me cracking up at work. Now everyone thinks I'm crazy. Well crazier! :devil:

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Pre-Game to Day 3, SFNE and Playland

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Fri Aug 22, 2008 5:17 pm

First off, let me say thank you to all the posters! This is the first time that any of my Photo TRs has made it to Page 3, let alone past page 1! Very cool!

So, before the weekend gets rolling I thought I'd add Day 3, Six Flags New England Day 2 and the one, theeee only government operated Rye Playland!

For those who saw my New York TR, you'll know I really enjoyed the movie Big and as such, had my pics of FAO Schwartz, home of the giant keyboard. So..going to Rye Playland, home of Zoltar the Magnificent, truly completed the trip in nostalgia. Oh yah..they also filmed a scene or two from the Muppets take Manhatten there. (Robb and Elissa, I think I may have been one of only a few, but thank you, thank you, thank you for having The Muppet Show as part of our in-bus entertainment)

Notwithstanding being unable to find Zoltar anywhere, it was a great day and night!

More Highlights:

-From Day 1 - Amazing Waterpark ERT! Yes, I broke Typhoon twice and yes, two evacs. OH..I didn't do it in crime were A-Jay, Kim, Trent and Baywatch Taylor.
-The Tornado with Kim, David and Eli
-More Superman ERT
-First day of Q-Bots
-Broke the Boomerang/ stuck on the lift hill
-Could not get the spinning coaster to spin..both rides
-Chickened out of riding Scream drop tower, as witnessed by GJ, Jason, Erik, Eric, Candace and my group
-The announement of all announcements, the Superman Intamin wheel shall have dominion over all other prizes in the bag of mystery!
-My first Double Shot at Playland and subsequent screams of terror.
-The Whip at Playland was turbo-charged! You've never been on a whip until you've tried that one.
-Watching Jenn and Scott's Whip cart lift off the ground
-The most gory of all haunted houses and dark rides
-They had more than one Burger King at Playland!
-Apparantly I was a tard and decided to ride a grocery store boat ride on the Boardwalk.

More cool Peeps (who's names I can remember and not mentioned above or previously haha):
-Got to see and chat with Robb and Elissa a bit more
-Met James, MouseAT, David Fudge and company, a great group of Brits and Aussies
-Met Alan, Brandon and TP Dave
-Lara showed up for a bit, even when not feeling that great (a real trooper)
-Met the one and only Richard
-Continuing interaction with the one and only Bethany
Ok, so our new Q-bot group of 4 (Olivier, Selwyn, John and myself) got off to a good start. From the looks of it, we were all crazy and easy going enough to make it all work out. Superman was that good, hold that pose.
I could say something related to Superman...but nah.

Just fun, craziness and riding whatever we could. Credits were never a major part of the trip for us, which was cool given that I have no idea what I'm at. We just made sure we respected Olivier's choice of coaster for any milestone credit.
The Thunderbolt. A classic coaster in desperate need of paint and lurvin'.
Ok, so Kerry is waving, Kim is smiling....the other two..I'm really not quite sure. If I were to guess, biatchin' maybe?
The other cool group in line for Scream.
Yah thanks, I'll stay on the ground.
An awesome ride!
Let's continue the theme..

Wet (on a ride where you're supposed to stay dry)

Or was something just really funny during the ride?
Dorks in a tea cup. We were only there for one reason...spin them as fast as humanly possible.
By the time it stopped, every parent of every kid on the ride and standing beside the ride was clapping and laughing WITH us...we were the blur that passed by every few seconds.
There ya have it...two dissoriented dorks in a tea cup..
Almost time to go, so it was time to squeeze in one last ride on Superman ROS.
Just amazing.
Thanks for an amazing two mornings SFNE!
Sit your a$$ down and put put your left foot on the bottom rung!
Put your right foot on the top rung!
Turn around..Lean in!!

One of the first rides at Playland in Rye. We really got a good idea of how awesome the ride ops were here...
Olivier with Tony, our personal videographer and photographer on our new flat ride adventure.

But most importantly...The original Whip, a ride that edges out the rotor, especially after that night!
Dork shot!
To end off our rides and for me to recover and catch my breath still from the Double Shot, we tried out a few dark rides. The most gory of which, was the Flying Witch.
Any ride with Ghetto Kruger next to the devil has got be insane.
After riding the Dragon Coaster we saw it from afar...The Volare. It was everything that you could imagine it to be...pass the Advil..
..we'll end with another post-volare shot..

So, after all that, it was chow down at Burger King, boardwalk, boat ride, avoiding tickles and fixing the glasses.
How cool is it seeing our groups name up in lights in Rye?

Another amazing day. Thanks for checking this out and stay tuned for Day 4.

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Postby krazekiddd » Fri Aug 22, 2008 6:27 pm

Yah, Rye Playland, didn't love so much. Again, great setting with the pier, but um, yeah, we left and hung out on the pier after a few hours. I love government run parks!

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Postby ernierocker » Fri Aug 22, 2008 6:46 pm

I wussed out on riding The Whip. I kind of wished I had tried it because it was the only one out of the three I saw on the trip, that ran that insane.

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Postby krazekiddd » Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:00 pm

^That was the scariest thing ever! Everyone was looking at Jenn and I with shock and horror. I had no idea our car wasn't supposed to come off the track! Needless to say, all the other Whips after that, just sucked.

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Postby gnewton34 » Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:45 pm

Great trip report so far Jason. Although the whole last day of Q-bots and Rye Playland you posted I'd rather forget. A day that ends in tears is not a good day at all. :(

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Postby Meteornotes » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:01 pm

-The announement of all announcements, the Superman Intamin wheel shall have dominion over all other prizes in the bag of mystery!

Although this move was not official sanctioned by Elissa Bingo headquarters, I do approve. Did anyone even get close to filling in all of their squares? There were a couple that would be really, really hard to get.

Disclaimer: Bag Of Mystery really not all that mysterious...

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Postby generaleclectic » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:02 pm

rollin'_n'_coastin' wrote:
Krazekiddd wrote:Ok, what's the deal with everyone having horrid photos of me! In all seriousness, I'm having way too much fun in David's lap. Apparently I didn't fall cause um, I have my blanket on us.

Well, there are some brutal shots of us all I'm sure. Hmm..way to ruin it I didn't want to get you in trouble with anyone *cough, Eli, *cough (I'm just kidding around man!)

Oh Yeah Scott! What happened to that untimely accident that you were planning eh? I'm kinda disappointed! I had Guido on stand-by and everything! You really know how to ruin a guy's fun. :(

Fry wrote:Again, we also relatively survived Roman Rapids, the little girls we rode with weren't as lucky, but they deserved it for asking if we drove from England and even worse, Australia!

You CAN'T be serious.... LOL

Meteornotes wrote:Disclaimer: Bag Of Mystery really not all that mysterious...

I dunno... I did get a cock and a pussy out of it, so it has to be kind of mysterious. Hmmm... On-Line Chat Room or Bag of Mystery... *thinks*
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Postby KerryB » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:05 pm

The whip was fantastic! The others on the trip paled in comparison. (David and Eli, have you photo-shopped yet?) Once I get the photos from my first camera...grrr...(Thank you again Robb for helping me out with the images from the first few days!) I will be happy to post a video clip and/or photo of the C-Jay boat ride take-over. :devil:

Rye was a little scary, but I loved the setting. The waterfront was beautiful and they had some cool old rides. I even ran back and forth by myself a few times trying to keep our groups together and didn't get injured at all! (It was actually after Rye things took a turn for the worse for me!) How sad is it I didn't notice the theme park review greeting though! I'm so glad you got the picture. Great update yet again! :)


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