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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby rollin_n_coastin » Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:24 pm

philthephorce wrote:I didn't think it was that bad considering we had been to Coney Island and Rye Playland already. Sure, two of the rides promised for ERT didn't work when we got there, but they did what they could and got them running before the park got too crowded. Honestly I think they were a bit embarrassed that it happened that way.

To me, this was the only corporate park that we hit that didn't really feel like a corporate park. That's both a good thing and bad thing.

Unfortunetly for them, they did become the source of a running joke between Vanja and I. Every time we came across a ride that wasn't working at whatever park we happened to be at we'd say something like, "It's broken...are we at Six Flags America!?"

Phil, totaly agree. Although poking fun is don't mean to or want to come across as being too judgemental on any park. Truth be told, I had a blast at every park. Coney Island and Playland were two of my favourites. Sure, there was the perception of a moderate to high probability for a stabbing, but the loads of character, both good and bad, completely made up for it.

I was really hoping to try out that flume ride at SFA as it looked really cool. But, I saw two maintenance guys in the trough pulling wires out of a box so yah....I assumed that wasn't going to happen at all that day.

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Day 6 - Busch Gardens Europe!

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:23 pm

Well, here we move on to one of, if not the nicest themed parks on the trip: Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg, Virginia. I was definitely looking forward to this park, having been to BG Africa twice and of course wanting to ride my first Dive Machine. I thoroughly enjoyed the attractions here more, with the exception of Montu.

The area itself was quite nice and I'd love to go back to check out the history and sites in addition to well...GRIFFON! Absolutely loved that ride.

ERT in this park was spectacular on both Griffon and Alpengeist in the morning and Big Bad Wolf at night. The park was immaculate and theming was in contrast to Six Flags America, no doubt. Big Bad Wolf at night was creepy but amazing! I admit, I've moved beyond Vortex and have embraced all that is Big Bad Wolf as my favourite Arrow suspended.

-Griffon....and the single rider line! We rode it about 11 times that day from morning till dusk. The two times during ERT were amazing but nothing can prepare you for when that beast actually warms up!
-A lot of water! Roman Rapids to Escape from Pompeii made for the slushiest shoes I've ever had to wear all day.
-Loch Ness Monster...quite possibly my favourite Arrow, ever. I think it bumped Dragon Mountain down a notch, no easy task.
-Festaus and Festhous dancing
-Watching Olivier walk into the Festhaus women's washroom and waiting to see how long it would take him to realize that he made a großer Fehler!
-A bit of bias, but the Italy section!
-E-braking on the midcourse of Apollo's Chariot and sitting there with Olivier, John and Selwyn for who knows how long. Luckily, we busted out the MP3 phones and played some tunes, shot some video..etc etc. For those keeping count, this was the 3rd ride that I supposedly had a hand in breaking.
-The Curse of Dark Castle Tour and ride...both were amazing!
-Beer....everywhere, whatever kind you like, so long as it is Bud.
-Big Bad the dark...mamma mia.

Other cool peeps:
-Had a chance to speak with the one and only Jahan, along with Brandon, in line for Dark Castle.
-Breakfast with Rich, Jess and all of TPR, always an amazing experience
-Ok, let's face it, everyone on the TPR trips is awesome!

Enjoy the pics!

A little tudor styles in England I believe. Here, we are being escorted to Griffon..all genuflect..
Amazing theming.
You'd swear Jack Hanna worked here too.
Beautiful. Her trainer brought her out later in the day.
Now the shtuff! The thing is massive and I was actually afraid to ride it.
Happy, yet tired TPRers waiting for ERT to start.
Oh mamma!
Pure sexiness! Let's get on that!
ERT about to start. K Robb, you're a great dude and all more chit chat..stand aside :)
I thought Griffon on its own was spectacular but of course it wouldn't be TPR ERT without another huge ride in ERT..we also had Alpengeist ERT that morning! A pretty good ride..especially in the back.
Cool theming and Alpengeist.
Nekkid statue peeing water credit!
After coaster ERT it was off to The Curse of Dark Castle for a tour behind the scenes and magic.
They are proud of this ride, and rightfully so.
Quite possibly the most beautiful queue area.
The tour begins! Everyone..jump in front of the massive ride vehicles! They are the most substantial piece of what makes the ride what it is.
Hey Jenn, cool stuff huh? :)
Our tour guide extraordinaire, a VP with Busch Gardens Europe.
Incredible details.
Next to the ride vehicles, these screens don't look like much but they in fact are the next major piece in what makes the ride what it is. The technology is phenomenal.
The sets in between live action screens/ scenes are well we see the ride vehicle's track en route to the next scene passing through Dark Castle's sloping walls.
Yes, you really can get a bit of vertigo concentrating on these walls for too long :)
Up close and personal with a ride vehicle.
THe infamous living room scene...
...through the fire place.
Live transition scene to video live action screen scene.
Ooooga booga, talking trees. Yep, a perfect way to end the tour before the big re-set and our first ride!
Waiting in line for Dark Castle. Uhm, Taylor kinda touched the track by accident during the tour.
'Sup Bas and Olivier?
"Hey. I take the photos. So, he thinks he can take a photo of me? Well..I just won't there..."
Waiting in line for the ride to re-set during a final Q&A.
Big Bad Wolf...just amazing!
..and he'll huff and he'll puff...
and he'll blow your house down....
Arrow sweetness! The Loch Ness Monster! In nature, if one loop de loop made sweet lurve to another...we would most likely see this on National Geographic.
All the rides seem to be bunched up in the centre of the park, save for Apollo's Chariot.
Awesome views from the bridge? Oh yah!
Piazza San Marco! Ok..not so much like the original, but hey...high marks for attempting it and making the area look great!
Hey..not my fault you guys are about to break the ride for two hours..
Ah, the Festhaus was also the closest location with a Peehaus.
Olivier! Nicht! Wrong side man! Of course, we didn't tell him....
We left our bags and cameras in fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo for the Roman Rapids as we were told that we would get soaked. Well, there were plenty of opportunities to get saoked but Selwyn got them all. None of our shoes or feet escaped. So, we went to Escape from Pompeii as we were told the fire effects would dry us out.
IMG_1868.JPG We sat in the front and the boat dipped into the trough at the top of the lift...we were soaked from the knees down lol
Skyride photo shoot time!
Oh baby!
One more go around..we missed a few shots..
Olivier is in love with Alpengeist..she really is a looker!
Here you can see and "experience the awesome power and force of the mythical Griffon". It sounded like Don LaFontaine, RIP, did that voice over.
Yes, only two trains in the station....
Just chillin', kickin' the sky.
Alpengeist was our last ride just after a marathon Griffon riding session and just before the park closed to the GP and Big Bad Wolf ERT began. An amazing day!

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Postby KerryB » Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:43 pm

C-Jay, lovin' the TR. BGE is just amazing and that day was just too much fun. We got absolutely soaked on the rapids as well thanks to Robb pre-training the onlookers! And enough just can't be said about the Big Bad Beautiful Wolf at night! How much fun is it to be riding and howling on a coaster as everyone else has to walk on out of the park!?! Keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to do the updates!

KerryB :)

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Postby rollin_n_coastin » Wed Sep 03, 2008 3:46 am

Heya KerryB! Long time no see! Thanks and I'll try to keep it going up to the last day of course.

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Postby caliraiden » Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:21 am

Hey Hey kids, Jay loving the TR.. and no I didnt fall for it again! I did it myself, in fact I laughed my A$$ off doing it.

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Re: Day 6 - Busch Gardens Europe!

Postby Dragon Khan » Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:15 am

rollin'_n'_coastin' wrote:-Watching Olivier walk into the Festhaus women's washroom and waiting to see how long it would take him to realize that he made a großer Fehler!

-E-braking on the midcourse of Apollo's Chariot and sitting there with Olivier, John and Selwyn for who knows how long. Luckily, we busted out the MP3 phones and played some tunes, shot some video..etc etc. For those keeping count, this was 3rd ride that I supposedly had a hand in braking.

Well, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for NOT telling me about the restroom... I especially remember 3 idiots laughing and grinning like madmen when I came out of it. And Apollo's halt on the MCTB was funny too. I agree with you when you say it was one of the best parks on the trip. There is absolutely NO DOUBT it was the most beautiful, actually. So clean... Even the smells around the park were great, something that can't be said in all the parks. No, I won't give the name of the park where it smelt like diarhea everywhere. Those on the trip will remember anyway...
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Day 7 - King's Dominion!

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:02 pm

Well, it’s been a while! It is so much harder to keep up once the trip is actually done and the excitement wears down a bit, but never gone. I keep looking at pictures and Photo TR's from everyone and really hope that I can go on another trip. So, here I am supposed to be studying for a Sunday am class (yes...eww) but wanted to take a break and add on a park or two.

So here we are at KD, not Kraft Dinner but...Kings Dominion! I was very excited to see this park because this would be the only other former Taft Broadcasting park that I would see aside from my home park, Canada's Wonderland. It was eerie in that International Street, the buildings along it and the fountains were all the same. The obvious difference being the tower instead of wonder mountain at the centre and different shops being in the buildings. It was also cool riding two coasters on which two at my home park are based on…Ghoster Coaster (same at CW) and Grizzly (Wild Beast at CW). Grizzly was actually just as painful but in a really nice setting with the trees surrounding it.

Overall, a strange day. The park looked nice in some areas, other a heck of a lot of asphalt. Park representatives said they are as good as Disney and as good as or better than Busch down the road…..Hmmmm…. Of course everyone, including the members of management that we met that day, were in agreement that a great investment, as soon as they find the capital to do so, is to improve what could be a great collection of wooden coasters through re-tracking. Second on the list I was told would be the welcoming aspect of the park, including a re-paved parking. Dominator was a huge hit as well, a lot of fun.

Regardless, it was another great and beautiful day Virginia!

-Shockwave was closed
-Saw but definitely too chicken to ride the gyro drop (how huge is that thing anyway?)
-Crazy question and answer period after lunch, the Paramount vs. Cedar Fair (1 employee from each) clash.
-Marketing director came around to every table to talk to us, very nice indeed.
-Another Premier launched spaghetti bowl, but inside..very cool!
-Interesting operations and lot of ‘broken” or “short staffed” things.
-Dominator-ix, for all sadists out there
-Squeezing into the Ghoster Ghoster
-Rebel Yell
-Not pictured below are the Anaconda, Backlot Stunt Coaster and Flight of Fear, all a lot of fun.

Cool Peeps:
-Ok, at this point in the trip, this refers to everybody!

Although short but sweet, enjoy the pics!
The arrival and the Eiffel Tower. But wait, isn't something supposed to dominate us?
A new old addition. Dominator has found a very loving home at Kings Dominion. The loop is massive!
KT has a new friend! I admit, I new nothing of Dora until my boss's 3 year old daughter came into work and asked me to play Dora bingo with her. I learned every character's name right-quick. Ask me again if I remember anyone besides Dora and I honestly wouldn't have a clue...
Hot loopness!
Yes, I am a huge Scooby fan! Only the original Scooby Doo, Where are You? though...
For the car lover in us all, who wouldn't pass up a chance to test drive the Mystery Machine? Chris, thanks for coming along and uh..yah..sorry about the driving...
After a very quick ERT on Dominator (they cut our 60min. ERT off 15 min. early) we headed to ERT on Volcano. I loved this ride!
The most intense part of the ride, you somewhat hang at the top after the launch out of the volcano.
A really well-themed floorless Top Spin. The Crypt, formerly Tomb Raider.
They opened this up a bit early for testing and let us ride before the park opened...very cool.
So yah, the dude possessing The Crypt is here in the water. It is really cool, when he farts, the fire and bubbles come out of the water like there's no tomorrow! My apologies to Paramount if that's not what they wanted to get across though.....
More Volcano the Blast Coaster goodness...
I have no idea what to say about of those days. Or, Spider Man wanted to save us from the rest of the park....and obviously fly us back to a Six Flags Park. I'm guessin Six Flags America since it is the closest..
Never mind Marvel Comics, it was Hanna Barbara time! This is the only on-ride photo I bought because it was just so freakin' funny and painful. Four grown men stuffed into a kidde wooden coaster. But, it was Scooby's Ghoster Coaster, one of the best kid wooden coasters ever! Worthy of a "bring the Crisco and a shoe horn" moment! I think our faces adequately express our thoughts at the time.
The gyro drop really had my knees shaking. I stayed at ground level to watch.
I feel horrible that I didn't get a picture of Rebel Yell. It is a great looking coaster and a lot of fun. Olivier was getting a milestone credit on the other side of Rebel Yell with Chris, so a few of us went and tried out the Wild Mouse in the mean time. Here we have another awesome group of TPRers!
Ah yes, in line for Hurler. All I can say is Mamma Mia! That hurt. I think next to The Cyclone's back seat, this one left a massive bruise or two.
How was it??
Group hurt shot!
Yes, still a bit disoriented...

A moment or two of silence where Hypersonic once stood behind that hording.
I was really lookin forward to riding my first bobsled coaster! I don't know the one at Cedar Point counts because it's a double wide and indoors? Canada, whoot whoot!
A lot of fun, except where they slowed it down to a stop midway through.
Also not pictured is Grizzly. We used our "jump to the front of the line" tickets for that one, our last ride before heading to the bus. A bit rough, but it was in a great setting.

We were a bit spoiled being at Busch Gardens the day befor. Looking back, it was a great day overall at Kings Dominion, a nice park with a lot of potential.

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Postby King of Ka » Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:22 pm

Loving this TR, it's great to see all the different perspectives of this trip.

And I know I'm a bit late, but does anybody know where I can get one of these (the Intamin t-shirt, not the women ;) )?

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Day 8 Morey's Piers

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Sun Sep 28, 2008 8:27 pm

Wow! Two updates in two days and finally getting a bit caught up. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

So, I was really looking forward to going through these pictures and this posting because Morey’s Piers, really was one of my favourite parks on the trip. I’m not sure what I expected it to be like. I can say that it far surpassed all that I thought it would be and what a great surprise. The atmosphere, the staff, the boardwalk and hey, how about that beach? It was definitely one of the most unique atmospheres that I’ve ever experienced and I’m so happy it was part of the trip schedule.


-Awesome welcoming and SLC ERT with new trains and the crazy queue line dance party!
-New SLC whiplash trains. Regardless, the setting was incredible and how about those rolls close to the water slides?
-The beach setting
-The rides, including my first full-scale drop tower of the trip and it was an insane one..Atmosfear….it didn’t even pause at the top.
-The Maelstrom takeover!
-The staff…incredible. They opened Pier 3 for us early for Great White ERT and even opened up the Screamin’ Swing for us!
-The paddle geese!
-The only bummers of the day were the really cool log flume that was broken (as a lover of log flumes, that was a bit of a bummer) and of course, leaving early to head to Clementon.
-One of the craziest rides ever…the Skyscraper! (Thanks again for convincing my scared butt to try it out Nick)
-Food: Linguine with clams and…uhm..Kohr Bros Frozen Custard anyone? Just amazing. On a related note, an apology to those I hung out with. The linguine with clams came with an ok white wine sauce, just loaded with more garlic than I knew what to do with. John had what I couldn’t finish. Let’s just say the tables around us could smell the pasta and our breath… lol

Anyways, on to the pics. Enjoy!
Arriving, everything is slowly opening but we head over to The Great Nor'Easter for some awesome ERT.
Double decker on a pier
Another beautiful day. Hmm...Skycraper in the background. I'm afraid of drop towers so would I really ride that thing?
The flume..not running. Unfortunately, it would stay that way for the day. A good reason to come back though!
Heading to The Great Nor'Easter!
Definitely a cool atmosphere
Should we be excited or scared?
Across the way...DooWop..or MMMBop?
First train out! No screams of horror, must be ok!
Sexy new trains.
Who knows what awaits in Dante's place?
A frightening experience but a cool little coaster...the Flitzer.
More Flitzer please!
MySpace shot!
After finishing most of Surfside Pier, we headed to Mariner's.
Mariner's Pier from the boardwalk. OH yah! Some Boomerang fun coming up!
"Watch the tram car PLEase"
More views from the boardwalk
Yep, it is a bit of a walk between the piers, but the stuff on the boardwalk is just crazy to see! Oh, before I forget, "Watch the tram car please".
Ok, no one said anything about marbles! I would have brought my sack..
IMG_1947.JPG I've never played, but if I did, it would be cool starting off here.
Music Express! Pre-squashing pain..
Another takeover!
The paddle goose tour! Loved this thing just because I couldn't believe such a thing exists. Video below..
There it is..The Maelstrom, one of the craziest flats..ever.
Wildwood beaches...on the Jersey shore..
View of the waterpark. Amazing how compact everything is.
So, for anyone who didn't want to paddle, they had the CHEATERS way of touring..the flying ships.
View of Surfside Pier from the paddle goose..
Well, that's it for the geese, we'll let these two random gals grab one.
We beat the airships back. At least cool TPR peeps are in it!
Over to Adventure Pier where Great White is getting ready for our ERT marathon session.
More beach from Adventure Pier
Heya Wagner and Steff! I think you both rode Great White as much as Kerry and I! The coaster was a lot of fun, especially given the setting on the beach.
We survived Great White ERT! Sorry Ben, it looks like I was about to fall over lol
View of Wildwood boardwalk from Adventure Pier.
How cool is it that Morey's opened the Screamin' Swing just for us? Adventure Pier doesn't open to the public until mid afternoon.
Heading back toward Surfside, to ride some missed rides and be closer to the bus. OH, Nick at this time brought up the idea of trying out Skyscraper. Given that I tried the drop tower, I was feeling especially brave and was seriously considering it.
Two of the coolest on the pier! An awesome TPR welcome sign!
Oh, here are some more cool TPR people! So..did Nick forget about Skycraper yet?
IMG_1974.JPG, Nick didn't forget. Never had my hands sweat so much as when they were strapping us into those seats and noticing that we only had two little cloth straps to hold on to for the entire ride...
The Skyscraper chronicles, featuring Nick and C-Jay, pictures by A-Jay.
Too scared and disoriented to scream..seriously..
IMG_1985.JPG spin me right round...
and upsidedown again..the wind is insane...
...and you really have no idea which way is up or down ...water and interchangable.
I think it's over....
Yep, it's over.....that was amazing! Thanks Nick! Notice: Nick still looks a bit dazed and confused after that...

After that, it was time to catch the bus and head to our second park for the evening..Clementon.

Thanks for an amazing day Morey's Piers!

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Postby rollin_n_coastin » Sun Sep 28, 2008 8:30 pm

King of Ka wrote:Loving this TR, it's great to see all the different perspectives of this trip.

And I know I'm a bit late, but does anybody know where I can get one of these (the Intamin t-shirt, not the women ;) )?

Hey thanks! I believe that shirt was special ordered from Europe...nice huh? There are two people that I know who have one, if the proud shirt owners would like to share how to get one, feel free. Otherwise I'm sure a few google searches will work.


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