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West Coast Bash 2008!
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Yo, yo,'s the ShockWave rap!

Here I am sitting in this old Granny Grand Prix car...but I've got my cloaking device turned on.

I'm camouflaged behind this old Flashback nose car..."you cannot see me...I am not here..."

William is all "You lie Jahan!  They can too see me!!!"

"'s a mouse...from The Cheese....and um...who wrote this stuff...I thought the writers strike was over?!!?" 

Here is a car from Mark Shapiro's favorite ride, the Tilt-A-Whirl.

"And guys, as much as I hate to say it, I'd have an easier time picking up chicks in this car than The Fit."

There used to be a wooden coaster standing here...but this dirt lot is actually much better!

"Quick, someone go grab one of those Jet Stream boats!  No one will notice!"

"Hmmm....looks like Shockwave needs an oil change."

Prototype car for X?  Hmmm....

"How's my driving?  Dial 1-800-EAT-S**T"

This is a sad, sad moment for Joey...but a happy moment for the rest of us!

Giovanni is bummed out too.

Jay?  Why is Colossus here?  Is there something you're not telling us?  =)

Astroworld fans can have a moment of silence.

Behind the scenes for "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom."

Can we ride it like that?

Bench: The Ride is better than Deja Vu anyway!

This is the most exercise I'm going to get until NEXT West Coast Bash.

"Hey folks, strong winds and Mothera attacking the tower is keeping us from running the elevators at the moment."

"So we present to you - Magic of the Mountain: B Mode!"

Coming soon here will be an internet cafe.  So you can post your Theme Park Review updates live from Magic Mountain!

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