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West Coast Bash 2008!
Hosted by RideWorld and Theme Park Review!

It's Ninja time *HI-YA* with this week's guest star "Jay Thomas!"

Be nice to Sylvester, he's like 10 times your size.

"One, Two, Three..... *PUNCH!!!!*

Sylvester's getting a LOT of love today!

Oh, yeah...welcome to West Coast Bash!

All of these guys still cannot put away as much food as one ACEr.

Abercrombie & Fitch Spring 08 Catalog: West Coast Bash Edition.

Jay Thomas, Park President. Neal Thurman, Director of Operations. Tim Burkhart, General Manager.
Now known as "Manny, Moe, and Jack!"

"See it's THOSE GUYS that are going to eat through the entire buffet!"

"Thank you Rhonda for the amazing spread!"

Say hello to our RideWorld partners in crime - Natalee, Caroline, and Chris!

Is it me or did the guy on the right just crap out a volleyball!?!?

"If you can sink this one you get to be the first rider on X2!"
(Don't worry, Tim, it's a VERY safe bet!)

The cast of NBC's new "Friends: The Next Generation."

Ok, who spiked the punch?

"Everyone gather around for the world's most and of bolts and dirt!"

"If you are Kermit...please come this way."

"Hi my name is Mike, but really I dream to be an old dancing man that scares children."

"OMG!!!  You caught me trying to make off with this sexy yellow sign!"

"Hi, my name is Jahan, but my women call me Arrowfanman." 

"Hey dude, if you're going to be a supervisor now, you need to learn how to tie a tie."

"Everyone!  Follow me to your doom!"

"...and on your left is a very nice shrubbery..."


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