Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid
(aka Parque Warner Madrid)
Madrid, Spain
Official Web Site:

Our "Quick Visit to Spain, Just For The Hell of it!" Trip 2006

Finally it's time to ride our favorite "looming over the entire park" phallic symbol!

Here at Warner Bros Movie World, their S&S tower is called "Riddler's Revenge!"

"Hey mom, look at my clean hands!"

From the tower you can get a good view of the "B&M Super Hero" section of the park.

There were more Loony Toons characters here than Mark Shapiro could shake a stick at!

We were all in the mood for "Velma's Lesbian Adventure."

Elissa was ALL over that kind of adventure!

"Hola Scooby - Me roboron la bolsa!"

"Just drop me off in Chatsworth for a couple of hours and I'll make more money than my real job pays all year!"

This haunted house contained a Vekoma ride!!!

Two things that are strange in this picture:
1. She's NOT eating McDonalds
2. It's actually Spanish food!

"I was born with a loaf of bread in my mouth."

No, they are not building a new ride, the crane is actually part of the theming!!!

"Boooo!  To the California themed area!"

"YAY! For the New York themed area!!!!"  =)

So that was our day at Warner Bros Movie World aka Parque Warner Madrid aka Movie World Madrid.
Oh, and BTW, this is a picture of a manhole cover.  Do you know whey they are made round?
If you do, EMAIL DAN and the correct person will win a prize!

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