Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid
(aka Parque Warner Madrid)
Madrid, Spain
Official Web Site:

Our "Quick Visit to Spain, Just For The Hell of it!" Trip 2006

Day two of our mini-Spain trip took us to Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid, now known as "Parque Warner Madrid", which actually
seemed a little confusing since most signage in the park still carried the old moniker, but anyway.....the park is located just outside Madrid
about 30 minutes from the center of the city......

...when you pass this prison, you know you are almost there!

Yay!  We arrive at the park!  I mean...parque.

From outside, this place looks pretty cool.  I nice change from the park we were at yesterday.  ;)

Well, this would to be expected.  We fly across the planet to complete the collection of "Deja Vu" credits, and in
true Deja Vu style.....it's closed.  =(

The entrance plaza actually had a fountain that worked!

Hmmm...I'm not sure which is worse inside the Chinese theater....Great Movie Ride or Pirates 4D!  =)

This is kind of the "main street" of the park with a HUGE phallic symbol at the end of the street!

Check out us losers with our unlimited "Fast Pass" stickers!  Hey, it was WELL worth the 10

There sure seemed to be quite a cloud of "smug" over this plaque!

Opening ceremonies of the park included some random dancing acts from bizarre people!

And it had a "Big Bucking Chicken" too!!!!!

And there's Stunt Fall aka "Spanish Deja Vu" just sitting there....lifeless.  No credit for us today.  =(

Yes, we know....we're bummed that it's closed, but hey, there are still plenty of other fine quality coasters in the park....
....just none quite up to par with a Deja Vu!

Batman: Knight Flight - Not a B&M floorless, but a simulator with some cool theming!

Even all the flat rides had some decent theming to them.

And check out Batman!!!  Complete with the "Insane Asylum" and stuff.

Ok, hang on a second here....wasn't this a "Six Flags" park at one point?!? 
Why can't all the other Six Flags parks look like this?  I mean, this place was more like a "Universal" park!

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