Holiday World
Santa Claus, IN
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Mid-West Woodies of 2006 Update!

The Voyage at Holiday World     Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend Park

Download The Voyage Video HERE!       Download Kentucky Rumbler Video HERE!

"You guys are NOT getting any presents this year!!!"

See, Elissa has more respect for Santa (now where's my present!!!)

The Legend - For years the debate was between this and Raven as which was better.  (We were always Raven fans!)  =)

For those of you "through the trees" coaster photo people - you NEED to come out to Holiday World!

Once again, empty stations.  This is a good thing!

Legend's first drop.  Yup.  That's what it is.  Need me to say any more?  Too bad!

The structure is pretty MASSIVE! 

The train of people goes "Wii!!!!!"

And don't forget it's got that "way better than the Beast's" double helix!

Yay!  More chunnels!!!

Hey, they've got the beekeeper simulator netting over here too!

"I'm the only person in the park!!!"

"Oh, fudge."

OMG.  You guys make the ugliest bunnies...EVER!
But wait a second, this is like a dream come from for Robb.  A slice of bread bigger than HIM!

"Why doesn't the bee game have the beekeeper simulator nets around it?!?!"

Holiday World meets Pulp Fiction!

Joe rides the motorcycle.  Elissa rides Joe.  What about Robb?

Awesome!  Dan will be happy to know that Holiday World is a "Diabetic Friendly Park."
(Well, at least for an extra 50 cents!)  =)

"Good thing Holiday World sells deodorant because Joe is one smelly dude!"

Kringle's Kafe - The 2nd most popular location besides the coasters at HoliWood Nights!  (or is it the first?)  =)

This is the Scrambler.  And that's the caption.  Like it?  Good!

"We love Pepsi products!  We love them!!!" 

"Grrr!  I'm angry bird!  Why is this freaky woman sitting in me!!!!"

"Spooky Chair swings."  That's what we call them at least!

The "History of Diving" show.  HISTORY of diving?!?!?

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