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Mid-West Woodies of 2006 Update!

The Voyage at Holiday World     Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend Park

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Ahh, The Voyage......the reason we made the trek out to Santa Claus, IN! 
(Note the girl towards the back of the train which is just one giant clump of hair!)

Yeah, it's tall. Like 170 feet tall! I mean, look how small the train looks. It's even taller than a half a dozen McDonalds' stacked on top of each other...

SEE!!!!!!  Now *THAT* is TALL!!!!

It's steep too.  Gives you that funky feeling in your stomach when you crest the hill. We call it "airtime" and this ride has a lot of that!

Here's today's cast of characters.  And we also want to thank "Spookbaby" for not running away from us screaming!  =)

So you came here to see Voyage pictures?  Ok, we have a lot of them for you.  Here's one.  It's the 2nd drop.  It makes you go "Wii!!!"

The ride is going to be famous for it's 3 (yes, three) 90 degree banked turns.  And if you ever wanted to know what the
backside of a 90 degree banked turn looks you know!

We had kind of a weird ritual where every time we went around one of these we would look at each other and yell "NINETY DEGREES!!!!"
Yes, ok, fine...we KNOW that's dorky....but we expect YOU to do the same!

Here an XTREME Close Up of the "backside of a 90 degree drop!"

And away it goes!  NINETY DEGREES!!!!

Voyage has lots of twists and turns and this one leads you up to another turn that goes "NINETY DEGREES!!!!"

They all look so peaceful.  Like "Hey Bob, how was your day at work?"  "Oh, Lillian it was fine. What's for dinner?"
"For dinner Bob?  Well, the store was out of sliced ham so instead we're having a giant helping of "NINETY DEGREES!!!!!"
(photo courtesy of Holiday World)

"Wii!!!! Here we go into the "not-quite-finished-but-hopefully-soon-to-be-a-tunnel" tunnel!"

This is a good "Tremors-like" chunnel to chunnel head chopper area!  (yes, chunnel)

Voyage goes really fast and makes a lot of people shout random things very loudly. 
It's probably all that airtime.  Or maybe it's all the NINETY DEGREES!!!!

Thanks to Paula at Holiday World, we all got very muddy together.  It was quite the cool bonding experience!

The netting is there as the "beekeeper simulator" part of the ride. (You know, like the things the bee keepers wear...get it?)

Voyage goes way out into the woods.  That's cool.  We like that.  No Hobbits or Elves here...just coasters!

So, yeah.....Voyage is pretty awesome.  Certainly a top ten ride...maybe not quite number one for us, but it's up there!
It's in our top ten, and out of around 850 coasters I've been on, that's pretty good going!  Gravity Group has done well!!!

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