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Mid-West Woodies of 2006 Update!

The Voyage at Holiday World     Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend Park

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"Hello and welcome to Holiday World.  Here we have the Raven.  It might be 11 years old, but it does NOT disappoint!"

This ride is still seriously awesome.  We were afraid that Voyage would totally eclipse it, but still stands on it's own.

Here's the station.  Spooky?  Yes! 

But it's in the Halloween themed part of the park!

The entrance to the Raven.  Um....yeah, it's the entrance.  So....yeah.  You go in here.

I wonder if the station will look like this on Holi-Wood Nights?  =)

Jeff gets the "Robb Credit" and feels much better about himself now.

"One Giant Mouth Open" from Elissa!  (That's like a thumbs up, but she just doesn't know any better."

Four random dudes riding the Raven.  Um, Robb....just what exactly are you looking at!?!?!

OMG!!!  Raven....THROUGH THE TREES!!!!








Yes, you guessed it....





I'm not sure why, but we just found the way the turnaround over the lake was bolted down to be VERY cool! 

"Whoosh!  The Raven is a blur as it speeds past you!"

Ok, now for the bizarre story of the day.  So we were walking back around Raven (with Paula for those of you who might be wondering)
and this random duck pops out of the lake (the one on the left) and starts following us....following us....faster....faster...
and then proceeds to CHASE US!!!!  Like half way to Legend!  It would follow Elissa and then it Robb turned around it would run away!  (smart duck!)
It was just very strange, and then all of a sudden it just left.  We miss this duck.  If found please send it to Robb & Elissa!

Duck:  "C'mon Joe...please...PLEASE hang out with me!  I'm all alone.  I like your hat, BTW.  It's dorky yet cool. 
C'mon...please don't leave me!  Please!!!!"

The Raven over Lake Rudolph.  (As in Mr. Red Nose)

As you can see, the park was very busy today!  =)

Yay!  More Raven THROUGH THE TREES!!!

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