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Mid-West Woodies of 2006 Update!

The Voyage at Holiday World     Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend Park

Download The Voyage Video HERE!       Download Kentucky Rumbler Video HERE!

So let's back up for a moment.  You all saw lots of photos of The Voyage.  And hopefully by now you've also downloaded
the video of the ride...but WAIT....there's MORE!  And it's not sold in any store!  Holiday World not only opened up The Voyage in the
new Thanksgiving themed area, but they also opened up a new dark ride!

"Gobbler Getaway!"  (In case you couldn't figure that one out by looking at the sign)

It wasn't quite finished, but they were nice enough to give everyone a preview of the ride.

Is this
"Gobbles" from South Park???  =)

"Remember you are not SHOOTING turkey's, you're CALLING them!"

Regardless, it's a food related dark ride, so this makes Robb happy!

Don't shoot the really happy pie guy!

Yay!  Here we go to the turkey farm!

If this guy was standing outside my window with a camera, I'd be looking pretty freaked out too!

Robb: "Yay!  We get to shoot the turkeys!"
Elissa:  "CALLING!!!  You are CALLING the turkeys"
Robb: "What am I calling them?"
Elissa: "Grrrrr!!!!"

Which one is more scary?  Elissa or the Scarecrow?

Gobbler Getaway has a rodent.  It automatically is an "Elissa Approved Attraction!"

Pumpkin patch or the Town Square?
Which ever has food!

"Dressing Room"  And they are turkeys.  Get it?  Turkey Dressing room.  It's a play on words...oh, never mind!

We named this turkey - "Robb!"

Even the cars have cute little turkeys on them too!

Ahh!  It's dinner time!  What do you think is going to be on the plate?  If you know EMAIL DAN!

"Now this is my kind of party!"

The scores weren't quite posted yet, but this ride gets a high score from us!

Ok, after all that turkey shooting talk, I'm all thirsty.

Time for some FREE Pepsi-products.

I'm Robb "Double fisted Pepsi-products" Alvey!

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