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Coaster Expedition Volume 7: Around The World with Theme Park Review!
Total running time: Appox. 2 1/2 hours

Disc 1 "Around The World with Theme Park Review!" - Parks Included:
 - Hong Kong Disneyland
 - Mt. Olympus Theme Park
 - Six Flags Great America
 - Space World
 - Hamanako Pal Pal
 - Nasu Highland
 - Dania Beach Boomers
 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
 - Thorpe Park
 - Central Park
 - Kobe Portopialand
 - Celebration City
 - Busch Gardens Tampa
 - Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
 - Ocean Park
 - Sanrio Harmonyland
 - Kashiikaen
 - Wonder Rakutenchi
 - Mitsui Greenland
 - Kurashiki Tivoli Park
 - Mitsui Greenland
 - Tokyo Disneyland Resort
 - MORE!!!

Disc 2 "Coaster Footage 2006" - USA & Asia
Includes onride, offride, and POV (front seat camera) footage of more than 35 different coasters!
 - Busch Gardens Tampa: SheiKra (POV)
 - Dania Beach Boomers: Dania Beach Hurricane (POV)
 - Celebration City: Ozark Wildcat (POV)
 - Central Park: Diavlo (POV), Jet Coaster (POV), Labyrinth (POV)
 - Mt. Olympus: Hades (POV)
 - Harmonyland: Rythmical Coaster (POV)
 - Wonder Rakutenchi: Jet Coaster (POV)
 - Kurashiki Tivoli Park: Odin Express (Onride)
 - Kobe Portopialand: BMRX (POV), Double Loop (POV), Munich Autobahn (Onride)
 - Mitsui Greenland: Atomic Coaster (POV), Fujin-Raijin (POV), Gao (POV), Megaton (POV), Nio (POV)
                             Sphinx (POV)
 - Nasu Highland: Big Boom (POV), Camel Coaster (POV), Panic Drive (POV), Thunder Coaster (POV)
 - Ocean Park: The Dragon (Onride), Wild West Mine Train (Onride)
 - Hamanako Pal Pal: Batflyer (POV), Jungle Mouse (POV), Mega Coaster (POV), Mini Coaster (POV)
 - Silver Dollar City: Powder Keg (POV)
 - Hong Kong Disneyland: Space Mountain (POV)
 - Space World: Boogie-Woogie Space Coaster (POV), Titan (POV), Venus (POV)
 - Uminonakamichi Seaside Park: Jet Coaster (POV)
 - Kashiikaen: Pegasus (POV)
 - Six Flags Great America: Whizzer (Onride)
 - Satan's Village: Typhoon (POV)
 - Kiddieland: Little Dipper (Onride)
 - Six Flags Magic Mountain: Tatsu (Offride)

"POV" = Complete Onride Front Seat Footage  "Onride" = Complete Onride footage from other than front.

To view sample segments from this DVD click below:
Nasu Highland
Powder Keg

Check out what people are saying about Around The World with TPR:
"IMHO this is the best DVD Theme Park Review has released! Seriously! The pacing is great. Fantastic choice in music. The footage is awesome!" - Guy T. Koepp

"This latest TPR offering makes you want to hang out with Robb & Elissa" - Erik Elness

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