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Theme Park Review's DVDs:
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Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 1 - 2 Disc Set (Coaster Season & Footage 2001)
Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 2 - 2 Disc Set (European Coaster Odyssey & European Coaster Footage)
Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 3 - 2 Disc Set (Coaster Season & Footage 2002)
Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 4 - 2 Disc Set (Coaster Season & Footage 2003)
Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 5 - 2 Disc Set (Japan-A-Mania & More, Coaster & Ride Footage 2004, 
                                                                                                     Contest Entries 2004)
Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 6 - 2 Disc Set (European Extravaganza!, Europe Coaster & Ride Footage 2005,
                                                                                                     Contest Entries 2005 - Part 1)
Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 7 - 2 Disc Set (Around the World with Theme Park Review, Coaster Footage 2006,
                                                                                                     Contest Entries 2005 - Part 2)
Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 8 - 2 Disc Set from the TPR UK Trip, Sweden, Norway, Finland, & MORE!
"Affiliate Label" DVDs:
Erik Johnson's  The Jiggidy Johnson's Jammin' DVD 2006 - 2 Disc Set featuring several USA parks - Disney World, Six Flags Great
                                                                           America, Six Flags over Georgia, Hersheypark, Knoebel's, Great Adventure, and much MORE! 

JimmyBo and Friends: Volume 1 - 2 Disc Set includes Dollywood, Holiday World, Alton Towers, Great America, Disney's
                                                                        California Adventure, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Tatsu Media Day, Liseberg, TusenFryd, and MORE!
What's In A Brain?
- 2 Disc Set - Venture into the DEMENTED mind of Guy T. Koepp in this roller coaster horror-drama-comedy!  This DVD is
                                      the first of it's kind.  Be prepared!  This DVD might mess you up for life!  =)

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Frequently Asked Question
Q: Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
A: Yes!  We ship the videos anywhere!  All we ask is you cover the international shipping cost, which is $10.

Q: Will the DVDs work on my DVD player or computer?
A: I use DVD+Rs to record our DVDs.  We've had very, very few people who could not play the DVDs on their players or computers.  We do suggest looking up your DVD player at: to make sure your player is compatible with DVD+R discs.  The DVDs play just fine on my computer using the latest version of Windows Media Player.  They are not region encoded, and I've never had any returned from international orders. If you are having problems with one of your DVDs, please contact me and I will send out a replacement.  

Q: What do the T-shirts look like and are they good quality?
A: CLICK HERE to see what the T-Shirts look like.  These are HIGH QUALITY T-Shirts that have professionally printed.  These are NOT "Cafe Press"
like T-shirts.  This is the GOOD STUFF!  =)

Q: What's the difference between the "Season" and the "Footage" videos?
A: The "Season" videos contain a collection of the footage I've taken on our coaster/theme park adventures edited and set to music.  They are filled with parks, various rides (dark rides, water rides, flat rides, etc), coasters, people, funny antics, and document our travels.  They are originally meant to share with friends and family who have joined us on our coaster trips as a 'video scrapbook' of our travels.  The feedback we've received is that these are some of the most entertaining, funny, and informative coaster/theme park videos out there. 

For some samples from our "Season" videos, please download the "Tokyo Disneyland", "Hersheypark", "Paramount's Great America",
"Disneyland Resort", "Stark Raven Mad", and "Universal Orlando" segments at:  

The "Footage" videos contain just coaster footage set to music.  Onride and offride footage of each coaster.  Each video contains about 40-50 different coasters.  There are no other rides, no people, no funny antics...just coasters!  =)  If you're into coaster footage, this collection of 5 footage DVDs highlights more than 250 of some of the world's best roller coasters!

All videos are completely different with no repeated content on any of them.  Any parks that appear on more than one video feature different coasters, rides, and park atmosphere.
For samples of our "Footage" videos download the "Six Flags Great Adventure", "Xcelerator", and "New Mexico Rattler" segments at:  

Each individual DVD is between 60 - 75 minutes long. 

Q: Where can I find reviews of the DVDs?
A: Have a look at these following links:

NorCalCoasters.Net Reviews Japan-A-Mania and More
CoasterFanatics.Com Reviews Japan-A-Mania and More HERE!
CoasterCounter.Com Reviews Japan-A-Mania and More
Q: So what is a Theme Park Review "Affiliate Label" DVD? 
A: Well, it all started with the introduction of the video contest last year.
We found that there lots of talented coaster video makers that were
looking for a way to get their work seen by as many people as possible.
Readers would send us their DVDs and ask us if we would distribute them
and after figuring out a good way to do this, we are now offering a chance
for our readers to have their DVDs distributed by Theme Park Review!
If you have a Coaster DVD that you want Theme Park Review to
distribute, please contact us at
and we will send you the details of the affiliate label program.

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