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Coaster Expedition Volume 6: European Extravaganza!
Total running time: Appox. 2 1/2 hours

"I own 4 or 5 coaster DVDs made by professional production companies, but I've got to say that none of them
were as well put together or as entertaining as "
Coaster Expedition Volume 6: European Extravaganza!"

Disc 1 "European Extravaganza!" - Parks Included:

 - Walibi Belgium
 - Bobbejaanland
 - Walibi World
 - Farup Sommerland
 - TusenFryd
 - Liseberg
 - Tivoli Gardens
 - Bakken
 - Bon Bon Land
 - Hansa Park
 - Heide Park
 - Movie Park Germany
 - Toverland
 - Phantasialand
 - Wild- und Freitzeitpark Klotten
 - Holiday Park
 - Europa Park
 - Mirabilandia
 - Gardaland
 - Movie Studios Park, Italy
 - Walibi Rhone-Alpes
 - Nigloland
 - Walibi Lorraine
 - Disneyland Paris Resort
 - Parc Asterix

Disc 2 "European Coaster & Ride Footage 2005" - Coasters and Rides Included:
Includes onride, offride, and POV (front seat camera) footage of more than 50 different rides!
 - Walibi Belgium: Loup Garou (onride), Vampire (POV), Turbine (POV), Challenge of Tutankhamon (Dark Ride)
 - Bobbejaanland: Oki Doki (POV), Typhoon (POV), Air Race (Onride), The El Paso Special (Dark Ride)
 - Walibi World: Goliath (POV), Robin Hood (Onride), El Condor (Onride)
 - Farup Sommerland: Falken (POV), Flagermusen (Onride), Mine Expressen (Onride)
 - TusenFryd: Thunder Coaster (POV), Loopen (POV)
 - Liseberg: Balder (POV), Kanonen (POV), Lisebergbanan (POV)
 - Tivoli Gardens: Daemonen (POV), Scenic Railway (POV)
 - Bakken: Scenic Railway (POV), Mine Train Ulven (Onride), Racing (Onride)
 - Bon Bon Land: Wild Boar (POV), Hunderprut (Onride)
 - Hansa Park: Nessie (Onride),
Rasender Roland (Onride)
 - Heide Park: Colossos (POV), Limit (POV)
 - Movie Park Germany: Bandit (POV), Cop Car Chase (POV), FX (Onride), Ice Age (Dark Ride)
 - Toverland: Booster Bike (Onride), Boomerang (Onride)
 - Klotten: Klotti Coaster (POV)
 - Phantasialand: Winjas (POV), Colorado Adventure (Onride)
 - Holiday Park: Expedition GeForce (POV)
 - Europa Park: Euro Mir (Onride), Silver Star (POV)
 - Walibi Lorraine: Anaconda (Onride)
 - Nigloland: Bat Coaster (POV), Bobsled (POV)
 - Mirabilandia: Katun (POV), Sierra Tonante (POV)
 - Gardaland: Sequoia Adventure (POV)
 - Walibi Rhone-Alpes: Boomerang (Onride)
 - Disneyland Paris: Phantom Manor (Dark Ride), Pirates of the Caribbean (Dark Ride)

"POV" = Complete Onride Footage From the Front Seat "Onride" = Complete Onride footage from other than front.

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To download sample segments from this DVD click below:
Bon Bon Land
Europa Park
Farup Sommerland
Walibi World

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