Parque de Atracciones, Madrid

Madrid, Spain
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Theme Park Review's Spain/Mini-Europe 2007 Tour!

Spain 2007 Tour
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Mini-Europe Tour
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Turbulencia - This is the BEST kiddie coaster credit...EVER!!!

Jeff gives it a REALLY PISSED OFF thumbs up.

"I'm so drunk I think I'm on a camel!"

"We love this coaster...we really do.  We have booked another flight to Spain just to ride this again."

"Wheee!!!  Sixteen Beers later and I feel just fiiiiiiine!

"Hi's it going?  Your ride is awesome.  I want one for my back yard."

It's a condor.  Only good for one thing....


"Ok, everyone give me your best pizza face!"

It amazes me these guys have chicks.

This one doesn't, does he Big Mike?

Enough food...time for more credit whoring.

"Hey guys, how's it going?"

Rich has no idea that Mel is giving googly eyes to Ryan back there.

Dude, I hope you don't get banned for this!

"Climax Park"

Oh, now I know why the park was so excited!

Poor little Wildcat.

Woah!  Is it just me or did you all think it said "Vekoma" also?

Straight out of Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Yay!  We ran into some TPR members!

Ron, now THAT is impressive!  (Hector thinks so too!)  ;)

On to our next park so here we have the obligatory bus ride photos!

Yup, we are in Spain!

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We would like to send a special thanks to the following people on the trip for contributing photos:
BeetleBen, Chris Fourmont, Dave Laurence, Ed, ELZ, Hector, Jeff "Credit Whore" Johnson, JimmyBo, John "Camera of Doom" Vasquez,
Jon aka "moose", Kyle and his turtle boxers, Louise, Nathan Powers, Hot Fuzz Rich, Rich & Mel, Drunk British Rob,
Ron Frost, Bruno "Mr. Sexy" Lancetti, GCI Chris, GCI Dan, Hanno "TPR Un-official Photographer" Roos, Heidi, Mark, & Wendy!

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