Southport Pleasureland Photos
Southport, England
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Southport Pleasureland Demolition Photos
January 2007

The signs in town already had Pleasureland removed from them.

What's that lonely building sitting off in the field all by itself?

Ahh!  It's the old Traumatizer station!  Poor old Mr. Traumatizer station says "The Vekoma ride is gone...peace at last!"  =)

"Today, playing the part of Traumatizer's lift LOU!!!"
(note how close the new waterpark is being build)

Although I think Robb has more of the girth to play the role of a coaster support!
(heh...he said "girth!")

The River Caves is still hanging around.  I wonder if all the Jeff Johnson's are still inside?

Log Flume is still here going "Dan....ride me.....ride me Dan....."
(Too bad no female ever says that!)

Here is where that other Pinfari thingy was.

You can see that most of the buildings inside the park are still standing.

Now if you think photos of the abandoned amusement park is's where it got really weird.
You all remember the funhouse, right?  (click here for a reminder)

Well, the building is still there.....

And when you walk inside it's like NOTHING had ever happened!!!

Ignore the fact that there is a half demolished amusement park outside!  The funhouse is still going strong!

Ahh, well....they were smart...they saved the best part of the park!

Here is where you used to enter the park from the funhouse. 

And YES!!!!  The TPR mascot is still alive and kicking!  (literally!!!)

From inside the funhous you can get a really good look inside the park.
From here everything looks pretty much leveled.

But on this side, most buildings are still standing.

I do wonder what will become of the Wild Mouse? 
(I liked that better than the Cyclone anyway!)

Haunted Inn and other randomness as seen through a dirty window.
It's like contemporary art for theme park freaks!

So your funhouse party!!!  I know TPR will in 2009!  =)

And Oh!!!!  Don't forget about the brand new indoor water park going up RIGHT NEXT DOOR!!!

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