Southport Pleasureland Photos
Southport, England
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Southport Pleasureland Demolition Photos
January 2007

So there was a bit of bad news towards the end of 2006.  It was announced that Pleasureland in Southport, England would be closing for good.
We had just visited 6 months earlier as part of our TPR UK 2006 Tour. The park offered some fun attractions, an old wooden coaster "Cyclone"
but over the year attendance was dropping, the park wasn't in the best shape, and with bigger parks like Blackpool Pleasure Beach and
Alton Towers not too far away, its days were numbered.  Overall, these things happen.  We understand it.  We don't *like* it, but we understand.

Anyway, here's some photos of what's left of the park!  (not much!)  =)

I'll bet these signs won't be saying "Pleasureland" for much longer!

"It's always a tradition that before you go see a demolished woodie, you need to stop at McDonalds for some fries!"

Kind of looks like something out of Fantazy Land

How quickly this place turned "ghetto" or I guess..."more ghetto!"  =)

This could easily be theming for the Batman queue!

"Welcome to GO AWAY!!!!"  =)

I mean, if I know someone like me was going to show up at the park, I'd put up signs like this one too!!!

Luckily there was quite a bit of the park to see from outside the fences.

The Wild Mouse is still standing.

Looks like all the River Cave boats are still there.

Lou sayz "I wish I was Casey right about now..."

And this is what Casey would see!  Hey!  Parts of Cyclone still in tact!!!

Of course, if you zoom out you see....


Piles and piles of firewood!!!

This is pretty much where the first drop used to be.

And that greenhouse is pretty much where I took this next picture from....

This ride is *slightly* more in tact here!

Here's a POV video of the Cyclone so you can see what you (or maybe are not) missing out on:

If this video doesn't load, you can download it HERE!

"How's it going Ryan?"  =)

At least you have a much clearer view now without all that pesky track in the way.


And after!!!

I wonder if Ryan could use this wood to build Jahan a girlfriend?

It certainly looked like it was ripped apart pretty quickly!

Lou's all "I have totally crossed over into the realm of true coaster geekdom!"

"I wonder if I can get this in my carry on luggage?"

Yeah, the station is still there.

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!  Oh, wait....

I nicknamed this pile of wood "Fred."  Not sure why, it just seemed like a Fred to me.

Did I happen to mention the station was still there?

There's where the lift motor is kept.  How do I know that?  Well, DUH!  I'm a lift motor enthusiast!

And that's where the first drop was.  It's gone you can see....just make sure you were aware of that.

What used to be a brake run full of screaming people is now....

Yup, you guessed it.  Random piles of firewood named "Fred."

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