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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Sky Tower Re-Opening Day - May 13th, 2006
Oh, yeah...and it's Tatsu's Opening Day...too!  =)

Valencia, CA
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We all know about Tatsu.  We've been following the construction updates for months now.  Media day was just a couple days ago and it was
AWESOME!  Today was the rides first day of "public" operation, but something else quite important also happened today.
Sky Tower opened for the first time in about six years!  This tower has been a landmark attraction since the park opened in 1971 and have been
closed to the public since sometime in 2000.  It now sports a brand new paint job and it once again letting people view the park from 400 feet up!

"We are back with more Sky Tower re-opening and Tatsu's opening day!  Thanks for joining us!"

The "I'm not the dragon from Shrek" dragon welcoming it's first public riders!

The lines were very long today, but with three trains and some quick operations, it moved fast!

There were a LOT of people at the park today!

Lines did move fast though.

Something I've never seen before at SFMM!

This is what we call a lift hill.  Because you get "lifted" into the air.  (Did I explain that right?  Yes?  Good!)

One of many flippy things the ride does.  (there are technical terms but we won't bore you with the details.)

Diving into yet another upside down crazy inversion.

It's called a "flying coaster" and as you can see you ARE in the flying position!

I love how it wraps around Sky Tower.

See what I mean?  That part is cool!  Sky Tower just kind of sneaks up on you.

See, they are "flying!"

"Grrrrr..I'm am Sky Tower....don't ever forget me again!"

Dude on the right is totally flying!  He's awesome.  When I grow up, I want to be just like him!  =)

YES!!!!!  It's the Egg Turn!  And why is it called the egg turn?  Duh!!!  It looks like an EGG!!!

Thank you for re-opening Sky Tower.  You were missed over the past few years. 

And...oh, yeah...thanks for opening today Tatsu.  You're pretty cool too!  =)

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