Beech Bend Park
Bowling Green, KY
Official Web Site:

Mid-West Woodies of 2006 Update!

The Voyage at Holiday World     Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend Park

Download The Voyage Video HERE!       Download Kentucky Rumbler Video HERE!

Back across the lake we notice another favorite.


Hmm...what is that odd looking thing?

And what ever happened to Scat 1???

Wow, if this is the look one makes on Scat 2, I'm not sure I ever want to know about Scat 1!!!  =)

We took a quick tour of the water park.  Looks nice!  Next time, when it's not 50 degrees outside, we'll take a swim.

"I am the credit whore...riding the kiddie coasters....aren't you proud, Jeff?"

Ahh..another evil...EVIL ride!  At least for Elissa!  =)

Beech Bend really surprised us!  We had no idea what to expect, and it was a really nice little park. 

Most of the areas were well kept up, and they had a nice selection of rides for a smaller, "family run" park.

Ok, maybe the Looping Star doesn't quite get our love...but the rest of the place was really nice!  =)

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