Beech Bend Park
Bowling Green, KY
Official Web Site:

Mid-West Woodies of 2006 Update!

The Voyage at Holiday World     Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend Park

Download The Voyage Video HERE!       Download Kentucky Rumbler Video HERE!

Across the lake we see it.....The Pinfari Looping Star!

Pinfari's are known to be quite the challenge for most coaster enthusiasts.

If you can survive this beast, you're better than most!

Going up the lift hill....are we going to make it?

YAY!!!  We made it...but just barely!  =)

Oh, now this is going to make Elissa REALLY happy!

See, we know that Elissa doesn't like to spin so of course we ask "Can you make it spin....MORE?"  =)

"See, doesn't look bad at all!"

One is a face of sarcasm, one is a face of pure enjoyment.  Which is which?  If you know

Moby Dick.  That's hot.

"Hey, why isn't Elissa riding this one?"

LOL!  THAT is why!  =)

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