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Bowling Green, KY
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Mid-West Woodies of 2006 Update!

The Voyage at Holiday World     Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend Park

Download The Voyage Video HERE!       Download Kentucky Rumbler Video HERE!

Holiday World wasn't the only park in the mid-west to open up a brand spankin' new wooden coaster!

Beech Bend park just a little under two hours away opened up a brand new GCI wood coaster...

It's called, you'll never guess it...."Kentucky Rumbler!!!"  (And that's Robb & Ross there, just like being cool...I guess!)

So this is the Rumbler.  This ride really rocked!  If you're going to Holiday World, make SURE you come visit Beech Bend also!

Crazy twisted layout.  That's what those GCI boys do best. 

The station looked really nice.  Even a couple of "fly bys" right next to it to keep you busy watching while you're in line.

The nice people at Beech Bend let us come strap our little electronic gizmo's and what-nots to the ride.  I hope you like the end result!

Kentucky Rumble!  Plus one lipstick camera.  Please don't try this at home!  (or at least at a park without permission!)  ;)

Up the lift hill we go!  If you're a lift hill enthusiast (and we know who you are) right click and "save as!"  =)

Some wicked cool onride POV shots.  All you need to do is blow wind in your face and pretend your on an awesome ride.

See, Ross & Elissa like it! 

 We call this "GCI Airtime - 2.0!"  It seems like better airtime than Thunderhead and Ozark! 

The park allowed us to come in early to film, photograph, and show the world what the Rumbler is all about.

More cool POV shots for you POV shot lovers!

Now THAT is a picture for Elissa to pin up on the wall as a reminder of "Wow...I married that????"

Kentucky Rumbler side view!

And after many rides on the Rumbler you can stop by the Rumbler Cafe and fill up on many tasty treats!

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