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Santa Clarita Special Olympics "Polar Plunge 2006" & Tatsu Update!!!
...or "Guy sells his body parts to Theme Park Review!"

OMG! Is that the line for....for...VIPER?!!?!  YES!!!  And it went back all the way to the exit of Revolution! 
For those of you who know the   layout of the park, that is a LONG line.  When was the last time you saw Viper's line this long? 
Opening day???  As we were in such disbelief, we even made a little video...

Click the above link to stream the "Line for Viper" video. 
If the video doesn't stream in your browser, you can download it by clicking HERE. "something" has happened to the area around Tatsu.  It's suddenly all become "Goliath" colors!!!

And the ground has become very "green."

It's everywhere.... the entire area got blasted with the "green stuff cannon!"

This looks like something out of a Sci-Fi channel movie where the aliens have just laid waste to the area blasting them
with their laser guns scorching everything in sight.

And for whatever reason it reminded us of Soylent Green!  Why?  We have no idea!  But of course we had to make a movie.....

Click the above link to stream the "Soylent Tatsu" video. 

If the video doesn't stream in your browser, you can download it by clicking HERE.

"So what does Soylent Tatsu taste like?" 
"It tastes like PEOPLE!!!!!!"

You can see that the station area and landscaping is well underway....

Hmm...Tatsu's station reminds us of something....but we can't quite figure it out....hmm.....Oh!  I know.....

MUCH BETTER!!!!  =)  Tatsu is  now an "Elissa Friendly Ride!"
I can just see it now...Team Tatsu will be all "Row number 8...would you like fries with that?"

The walls are down around most of the Samurai Summit area!

You can see some of the old Chinese gardens being put back into pace.

All three trains are on the track and ready to roll!

Revolution has been nicely repainted (although the trees behind it seem to not appreciate it as much as we do!)


And we end this update with Robb getting a swift kick in the ass.  Why?  Why not!!!!  =)

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