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Romsey, England
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Random Trip To The UK - April 2006

Finally the last credit of the day!  And it's one of those bug-eyed, space antenna wielding coasters!

Yes, the bug-eyed, space antenna wielding coaster could be too intense in the back seat.  =)

Ok, actually was fun!

Wind in the Willows?  Oh, could this be a dark ride?

Well, not really, but Elissa liked it.... was full of rodents!

All three of us when on the Kontiki Tour (even though technically Robb is too old to partake in that kind of activity!)


There were tortoises for Robb (eating of course)

And penguins for Elissa....

Elissa gets two penguin photos because she's cuter than Robb, even though she slightly resembles Nicolas Cage.

Non German-Tom.  Constipated?  Maybe!  At least the water chute will clear out his system.

"Yo, man, check me out with my bling-bling!"

Ahh, "Dorking" my all-time favorite name for a city.  Doesn't it sound like something a couple of sorority girls made up?  Like
part of an initiation or something where they have to go and find the most pathetic, nerdy guy and just before they think they are about
to get laid by some hot sorority college chick, she sprays them with paint, snaps a photo for the internet and yells "You've been dorked!!!"
So like when the sorority girls are really bored..."What are you guys doing tonight?"  "Oh, we're going dorking"  "Really?  That sounds like fun....."

Ok, tomorrow we're off to another exotic location and park, although this time it's NOT in the UK!  I wonder where we're going next....

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