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Romsey, England
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Random Trip To The UK - April 2006

Originally this day was supposed to be a visit to Thorpe Park.  But when we got there and saw this sign.....

We decided "Hmm...what other options are there?"  And then we remembered....

Paultons Park just opened a new coaster!!!

And it would appear to be WORKING!  Yay!!!!

"Cobra" is one of those Gerstlauer bobsled coasters which you might remember we featured last year from
Klotten, Germany.

This one was more of a "Family Coaster" and it had snake-like trains.  You know, because families like snakes!  =)

And just in case you forgot what coaster you were riding...the name if it is on the back of the trains too!

Damn you Elissa!  Stop shining that sun on our faces!!!

Is it just me or does Elissa seems to bear a slight resemblance to Nicolas Cage here?  Hmmm....

Cobra's got some fun wild mouse-like turns.

And of course bunny hops with not-so-much airtime as the Klotten ride, but still fun.

But any ride that has a shed instantly RULES in our book!!!!

Overall the ride was a lot of fun.  Perfect for the park.  And yes, Elissa did look like Nicolas Cage!

"Hold onto your hat, because there here is the wildest ride in Romsey!"

"The Snake Pit.....I get it!  Cobra is a snake....snakes live in a pit!  Ahhh...clever and witty these Paultons people are!"  =)


And of course all these helixes of death are pretty fun too.

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